Best of 2015: My Favorite Projects

Happy New Year!

Are you still writing 2015 on all your documents?   LOL!

It usually takes me until the end of January to get with the program and write down the correct year…….

                …….BUT for some strange reason, 2016 seems to flow right off my fingertips!

It is like we have been in 2016 for months and months.

Not just 5 short days!

Good thing, cause I have gotten nothing accomplished!  😉

Tree is still up!

I was still doling out xmas presents on the 4th!

Zero plans and goals have been made for the year!

No resolutions for 2016????!!!! 


Yep, I am a little behind schedule! 😉

This may be a first, as I love sitting down before the 1st of the year……reflecting on the year….plotting out my goals and “one word” for the New Year….health, exercise, home remodeling; you get the drift…..and of course……..

       …… to be a better person to my family and community!

Hasn’t happened yet!

Until I get that me quiet time, I am going to take a quick look at some of my favorite projects from 2015.   I actually did a few more items than this…..just never had the chance to write about them!

I have to say that my 2 biggest projects were the Board and Batten walls in the mudroom, and building up the kitchen cabinet molding and painting them white; but they may not be my favorite!  😉

I started the year with a few updates to the master bathroom……

DIY ladder-how to make a ladder

I did a quick DIY ladder that we are using to hold bath towels!

How to swap out bathroom lighting

Also changed out the old hollywood light above the mirror.  I know…..FINALLY! 

Yes, I have patched the hole to the right!!  😉

I got the industrial pipe bug and made a sofa table……..

Industrial Table-DIY Industrial Furniture

…….you should see the amazing top to this bad boy!  It might just be the most “unique” piece in our home, and it was a blast to make! 

DIY Industrial Pipe Hooks

I couldn’t find any coat hooks that I liked, so made my own with some simple flanges, nipples and caps.  Catch the tutorial here!

I love small doses of #industrial within classic, traditional homes. These shelves are quick, easy and #cheap

I was torn between making some Ballard style cafe shelves and these DIY Industrial shelves in the kitchen. 

You obviously know what won out!

I had to update this ceiling fan with a little spray paint…..

spray painting light fixtures

And I found a beauty at the Restore, added a little paint, and now it is my pride and joy in our den! 

It really is easy to take brass light fixtures apart and update them with paint!

How to spray paint thrift store lighting

Two of the easiest craft projects were printing photos onto fabric…….

How to print photos onto fabric

    ……..and drilling holes into coins to make beautiful jewelry! 

These Euros are from our trip to Greece and Italy (still haven’t done the Italy post……shrug), and I love how easy it was, and what a great way to remember the trip each time I wear them!

Using coins to make jewelry

Although there are some great Chalk Paint on the market these days, I did share one of my personal favorites with this homemade chalk paint recipe…..

The easiest homemade chalk paint recipe that you will ever need

This DIY kickplate for our mudroom door just might be one of my favorite additions this year. 

Left over plywood, a $1 bottle of craft paint and voila!!

Plywood kickplate for the door

Then again, painting this Goodwill chest…….

Sometimes you just hit the jackpot when you go to goodwill. This little chest was refinished with 2 colors of chalk paint and distressed with sandpaper and stain.

  …….and roadside rescue are also now beauties with just a little elbow grease and paint!

Someone else's trash is definitely my treasure. #Roadsiderescue #DIY #upcycle #furniture

I also shared how you can make your crown molding look more expensive with very little effort and money. 

Simple way to make your crown molding look more expensive!

I did this same thing above the refrigerator cabinet over the summer!!

It wasn’t all projects in 2015, as I did share some amazing recipes…..

Remember these Mini Caramel Apple Pies??

mini caramel apple pie-apple pie

How about this Spinach Artichoke Crescent Ring

I love using the store bought crescent rolls and adding in popular dips to form “rings”.

I just made one with my Buffalo Chicken Dip and my kids cannot get enough of it!

Spinach and Artichoke Crescent Ring-Appetizers

To tempt you a little…..although after all of the fantastic food you ate over the holidays you might not want to be tempted……how about a slice of this Chocolate Butter Pie!

The most unbelievable chocolate pie you will ever taste. Part cake....part pie! Perfect combination!

Sooooooo good!

I know I shared more posts than this, BUT I did say this was going to be all about my favorites!!

I won’t bore you to tears (if you even hung with me this long)! 😉

I guess that is it!!


I cannot leave without sharing my 2 all time favorite projects of 2015! 

You know what they are, don’t you???

I still can’t stop staring at them!


Beefing up the kitchen cabinets with simple molding

Making our kitchen cabinets beefier with some simple 1×4’s and molding…….

Painting Oak Cabinets is easier than you think!

……and then painting them white

Ooookkkkaaaayyyyy, I count these 2 projects as ONE project! 

Although they did take me most of the summer, so maybe I should count them as more?

Anyway, my favorite project of the year is the Board and Batten I did on the walls in our mudroom!!!!!

They seriously make me HAPPY! 

Board and Batten spacingIf you want to see the tutorial, you can find it over here!

Is it sad that walls can actually make me smile? 

Don’t answer that!! 😉

Thanks for letting me go down memory lane, and reflect on some of my 2015 adventures!

Hopefully, I didn’t bore you to tears….

        …..and if you missed some of these earlier posts, here is your chance to hop on over and see them.