DIY Industrial Pipe Coat Hooks

This is one of those projects that was never on my radar, solved a much needed problem and looking at it…. after the fact…… couldn’t have pictured it any other way!

These 4 little Industrial Pipe Coat Hooks literally make me smile every time I see them. 

DIY Industrial Pipe Hooks

I admit it…… I have a new obsession after making our Industrial Pipe Sofa Table a couple of months ago.  Since then I have walked around the house, making mental notes on where my new addiction would look best and with what project.  Buuuuuttttt, my realm of thought never landed on using pipe fittings to make coat hooks. 

We used to use a horizontal plate rack and it was perfect!  With the boards falling the way that they do there was no way that this plate rack would work.   

how to install board and batten

These industrial pipe hooks only came to fruition after I spent countless hours going to the various local hardware and “home” stores, making various purchases……only to be disappointed with the look. 

Some of them just plain didn’t fit!!  The hooks didn’t have enough depth and didn’t reach over the wood ledge. 

Others just weren’t interesting enough.  After returning all but one design…… which will find a resting spot in our home someday (elongated iron hooks from Hobby Lobby)……I decided to take action into my own hands. 

DIY Industrial Pipe Coat Hooks

I had a few leftover pipes and caps hanging around in our dining room (hopefully I am not the only one that has a room that “catches” everything during projects) and I quickly screwed them together and held them up against the wall.  Not bad……not bad!!!

As my leftover pipes were 4-6” in length, I made a bee line for the hardware store to purchase some smaller ones.  Folks, I have no idea why they call the pipe fittings “nipples”, but if the pipe is less than 3″, a nipple it is called. 

DIY Pipe Fitting Coat Hooks

Anyone have the answer?  I am sure it is obvious to everyone but me!!!

In the meantime, I feel a little funny calling them nipples.  It makes me giggle!  I am a 46 year old woman who should not be giggling over the word nipple…..even when it is only referring to pipe fittings!!!  

Doesn’t matter, I still smile…which then ultimately turns to a giggle.

Oh well, we all need to let out our inner child every now and then……  😉

These hooks are perfect!  They give added weight to this space, anchoring it somehow.   Something that an ordinary hook just wasn’t doing when held up.  Most of them just looked flimsy and lost up against all of that white wood.  I have no other way to explain it!   {shrug}

DIY Industrial Pipe Coat Hooks

If you want to add some of these industrial pipe coat hooks to your home (they would also be perfect in the laundry room, bathroom, and even in your child’s room or closet), here is what you will need for each hook:


  • ½” – Flange  ($3.99)
  • ½” – 1 ½ inch Nipple  ($.79)
  • ½” – Pipe Cap ($.39)
  • Wood Screws (already had on hand)

I purchased everything at Rural King, and got lucky that they had everything in black.  If silver is all that you can find, and you want them to be black, just spray paint them with a little black paint.  It is as easy as that. 

Paint is my cure for just about everything these days!  😉

DIY Industrial Pipe Coat Hooks

Now that I have the perfect coat hooks, I think I need to put a little more attention on the very blank walls above the board and batten

If you haven’t noticed….they are blank! 

They have been blank since I installed the wall treatment.  All of those pictures and baskets previously occupying space on the walls?  Propped up against the walls in the dining room, of course!!  I swear that room takes a beating!

DIY Industrial Pipe Coat Hooks

I fear I might have commitment issues!!  If only one of you would come over and just do it for me……… please!!!  😉


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