Front Porch Vignette

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  I can’t say that I am, as I just did the grocery shopping last night….and still don’t have the complete menu formulated in my head. 

Good thing Turkey day is all about the mainstays….. bacon and maple roasted turkey, brown sugar glazed ham (for K), mashed potatoes, corn bread stuffing and broccoli and artichoke au gratin!  Anything above and beyond this is all for me…..because I cannot resist torchering myself trying out some new recipes.  I am a glutton for punishment. 😉

It will be pretty low key as we have zero family coming in to visit! That is the one bad thing about no one living close by, and you have to go on a rotation so that everyone can see everyone and their extended families.   Oh, and did I say hockey tournaments usually get in the way also?!   I am saying all this for a little sympathy folks! 

Did it work?

I do think my father in law is coming down Friday to watch a little of K’s hockey tournament.  That will be good and easy as I will just make pots of this and this to feed everyone!

Remember me telling you that I have neglected the outside of our house this year?  Except for these that is……

How to spray paint light fixtures

When I changed out our wreath for the Fall, I noticed that our little table in between the rockers was looking a little bare.  {No picture….wasn’t smart enough to take a before shot

As everyone in social media seems to like the word vignette, I thought I would turn our little table into a “front porch vignette”!

Front Porch Vignette

To achieve this front porch vignette (just might become my new favorite word), I brought out some lanterns and candles that were getting zero use in our house.  I think I need to stop shopping with my Mother, who gets all of these grand ideas and for some reason I “buy” into it at the time!! My storage room would thank me!!

How to spray paint lights

Still looked pretty drab and lonely, so I brought out the grapevine wreath that I had torn apart and was using on top of PT’s armoire in our hallway.  You can see it wrapped around the vases in the picture above.  I never did get around to putting it back up there after the hardwood floors were installed.  I wrapped this in and around the lanterns.  Was looking better, but thought to bring out this little plaque that I found at Hobby Lobby last spring  for a whopping $2.99.  The back of it basically says “No one is home, try again later”….. or something like that….. so I don’t think I will be advertising that anytime soon! 

Vignette-Fall Vignette

I kind of like it!

Looks inviting when you pull up into the driveway!

DIY Fall Wreaths-Fall vignette

Makes me feel like I am welcoming people instead of turning them away!

I might just have to make this Front Porch Vignette a seasonal thing….. make a few more pillows for the rockers …. as the others blew away in one of our wind storms….LOL!! 

Get a little use out of some of those purchases my Mom made me buy. Sorry Mom, I seem to be picking on you lately.  No one made me buy this stuff, I did it on my own free will. 😉

Front Porch Vignette

How do you dress up your front porch?

I hope you all have a blessed and thankful Thanksgiving tomorrow!