Hardwood Floors Revealed!

I am finally ready to give you a glimpse into our new hardwood floors.

Or should I say….I am tired of getting ambushed from friends afar so I thought I better hurry up so that they can see the color. 😉

Hardwood Floors

I know that I have said this before, but I am flabbergasted at how long it takes to put four bedrooms back together after tearing them all apart!  Not only am I unsure about items going back in their original location …..which means they stay in the holding location until I can finally get my head together…….. but I have been a victim of the “domino effect”!  Why can’t I turn the switch off in my head?  Please tell me that I am not the only lunatic out there that keeps adding ideas and projects on top of another?!

Mullican Maple Hardwood Floors

After months of going back and forth, weighing all of the advantages and disadvantages of the numerous flooring choices, we finally settled on this Maple Hardwood Flooring from Mullican.  To be exact, it is from their Muirfield Series and the color is called “cappuccino”.

Does it look like a large cup of warm coffee to you? 😉

How to install Stair Risers

Do you remember that my entire goal was to have the second floor hallway and K’s bedroom done this year?  I wanted a clean, classic look as you walk up the stairs, and his room happens to be the first that you see as you crest that last step.  Forgive the picture above…..it was taken as I was staining the pine stair treads.

Maple Cappacino Floors

We achieved it with this 3″ hardwood flooring from Mullican.   Even though they look glossy in this photo, they are a satin finish.

Maple Cappacino Flooring

Ignore the beam of light in the middle of his room.  There is a window to the right which happens to face West, and I mistakenly decided to take pictures in the afternoon when the sun was bright as can be…

I love seeing this rich, dark wood when I come up the stairs…….I don’t like seeing the binders and stuff that he “hides” underneath his bed!  I see a dust ruffle being added to the forever to-do list!  😉

Mullican Hardwood Floors

Because of K’s allergies and asthma we decided to go with a prefinished hardwood.  I couldn’t see putting him thru that hassle, and after living thru the installation I know that my sanity level couldn’t have handled an on site stain job.

I was concerned about this area of the hallway, as it angles to 2 different bedrooms.  I had a vision in my head on how it should look, but you never know how it will look until it is actually installed.  The pattern is seamless and flows from room to room…….. my vision 100%.  Woo Hoo!

To really appreciate the difference we need to revisit what it looked like before.  Ignore the fact that I didn’t set the scene before snapping the photos….

DIY Ceiling Light Makeover

To this……

Mullican Flooring

And this…..

Staining pine treads after removing carpet

To this…..

Refinishing stair treads

I still love these stairs!  The experts say that you are not supposed to stain the pine stair treads that contractors use to build staircases.  I don’t know who these so-called experts are……I think these stairs turned out amazing, and I encourage everyone to get rid of that carpet!

Scroll back up and take another look…..I will wait…..

My opinion only, but I think they are FABULOUS!

I am so happy with these floors.  My original intention was to go with Oak flooring, as I love the texture and variation that oak provides.  It also would have matched the oak flooring we currently have in parts of our first floor…. after we sand them down and stain it to match that is!  This maple was PT’s choice, and as he was making a number of concessions on this project I decided to compromise and let him have his first choice!

Marriage is all about compromise, right!?   😉

What kind of flooring do you have?  What kind of flooring do you drool over?

I hope you all have a great weekend!



18 thoughts on “Hardwood Floors Revealed!

  1. It’s simply beautiful that’s what I’m getting ready to tackle my stairs and a little hesitant
    Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Very, very nice! We just bought a house and it came with an awful color laminate flooring on the lower level. This is exactly what I want to replace it with. I am now on a mission! 🙂

    • Thanks Robin!! You are right…..I am loving how it all flows together. Also love not seeing the stains in the carpet that I could never get out!

  4. In February our house will be three years old. Deciding on the floors was the hardest part of the whole building process for us. I wanted really dark hand scraped hickory. My husband hated it. He wanted what looked to me like a school gym floor. No way! We both offered each other other suggestions and we couldn’t find one we both loved – or even liked.

    Finally we got to maple hardwoods in cinnamon and neither of us hated them so we took them. We were honestly both a bit disappointed, but at least neither of us had to live with something we would hate.

    Once they were installed they were GORGEOUS! They go great with our cabinets and give the house a warm, baked-in-with-love feeling. It’s one of the best decisions we made when building this house!

    I think you’re going to love your maple hardwoods – I love mine. And when I want to dream about what my house would have looked like with the darker floors I’ll just go look at your house pictures. 🙂
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    • I love that “baked in with love feeling”!! Shouldn’t we all be able to have that in our homes? I was worried that the Maple floors wouldn’t have any character to them…but there are occasional flaws and hiccups in some of the boards that give them the character that I was looking for. If I need more character I can always take some heavy chains and beat the flooring with them! Just kidding!!!! 😉 The only thing I am not liking about the darker floors is that the dust shows up more frequently….

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