Freshening up the outside with a little spray paint!

I seem to be on a roll when it comes to spray paint and light fixtures, and honestly I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.  😉

The outside fixtures were not even on my radar.  I swear!!!! 

diy spray paint light fixtures

It just happened, and I couldn’t stop myself!   I tried……..but I kept turning the screwdriver, and once the screws were in my hand, I had to unwire, wash and then paint them.  RIGHT???

If something, or someone is to blame, then it is the new foyer light’s fault.  I wanted to see if it was going to work before the electrician arrived to install it, and instantly thought of the outside lights flanking our garage.  Problem is……..once it was down, I noticed how dirty and faded it was.  If I was going to clean one, then I HAD to get the other one down to clean it.  Can’t have one clean and not the other. 

diy spray paint lighting

And since they were clean, I had to paint them.  I know that you would have agreed with me……..IF you had been with me that afternoon!!

It is kind of like that book, “If you give a Mouse a Cookie”………

diy spray painting lights

Which is exactly the reason that the light on our deck was taken down, cleaned and painted too!!

I don’t have any “before” pictures of the garage lights.  Remember, these were no where near being on my to-do list.  I thought to take a picture as I was taking down the deck light.  Before I had it unscrewed I ran in to get my camera.  Just use your imagination and picture the above flanking the garage doors.  Scroll up to the “after”.  Yep….big difference.  I know!!

spray painting light fixtures

I don’t have any pictures of how I took down the lights and then wired them back during the install.  I am only one person, needed both hands and couldn’t juggle a camera also.  All I can say is, don’t let the wiring freak you out.  Black wire to black wire, white to the white wire…..and the copper grounding wire to the copper grounding wire.  I did snag some new wire caps out of B’s tool belt, but could have used the original if his belt had not been right smack in my view!!

spray paint light fixtures

It is amazing how a little spray paint can revitalize an item, isn’t it?

spray paint lights

I have to say I have neglected the outside of our house this year.  These lights are the perfect proof of that!  What’s the saying that we all need to follow “preventive maintenance…..not failure maintenance”.  Spray painting these lights were definitely cosmetic in nature, but it sure did breathe new life into them.  I just wish that I had painted them sooner!

spray painting lights

What a difference a little can of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint can make!  Love it!! 😉

What outside projects have you done lately that you wished you had done sooner?


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