Using the unexpected in my Fall Wreath!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

I was very excited to get my car back Friday night… hour before I was to pick up a rental car!  Can we say great timing?  It is amazing how much you miss your car when you have been without for a week and a half. 

Dang PT!

Dang deer that ran into my car while PT was driving! 😉

Should I also say that the body shop who repaired our car informed us that there were 22 cars brought to their shop that day due to deer!  Twenty two cars hit deer basically on the same day!  Unreal!!

Deer are absolutely beautiful to watch, especially when they come right up to our deck and front porch, BUT I am not a fan of them eating up all my flowers…….and they are so dangerous to motorists! 

BTW…..PT was uninjured…thank the Lord!

Back to Fall Wreaths!!  I thought I should share this with you before it gets swapped out this weekend. 

It has been only been on our front porch for 2 months!

Better late than never, right?

Remember that old window I bought from the Country Living Fair?

DIY Decorating-Fall Wreaths

It is now the support for our Fall Wreath!

I was a little hesitant to use it as the base of this wreath.  I really didn’t want to be picking glass up off the porch if a good wind tunnel came sweeping thru.  So far so good…..although I feel like I just jinxed myself! 😉

This wreath couldn’t have been any easier to put together. 

You can find grapevine wreaths at any of your favorite big box or hobby stores.  I happen to have a couple on hand that I just rotate in and out!

Grapevine wreath-DIY Fall Wreaths

The greenery is a Fall leaf garland that you just wrap and nestle into the branches.  I mainly used the wired leaves to attach it to the grapevine, but you could also use the leaf “stems” that they sell and use some short pieces of wire to attach them to the branches.

DIY Fall Wreaths-Grapevine Wreath

The only other accessory in this wreath are the Fall berry sprays (similar to picks, but about 3 times longer).  I happened to have these leftover from another project. The more I look at this wreath I think I will be adding in more berry sprays for next year.  Especially the top right and bottom left.  Have them styled so that they look like they are coming out of the wreath….about ready to fall to the ground.

Grapevvine Wreaths-DIY Fall Wreaths

I love how the window looks behind the wreath.  There is a wide space between our front door and window, sometimes it even looks off balance or awkward unless I have something big there to distract the eye.  This window does a great job of not only making the wreath “pop”, but filling in some of that brick landscape!

DIY Fall Wreaths

Speaking of wreaths…..I think I am going to have to make some new ones for these doors!  They are going to have to be pretty special, as I will see them every time I look out my kitchen window!

What do you think about adding a window as the background for a wreath?  Love it or Hate it?

DIY Fall Wreath-Grapevine Wreaths

Have a great week everyone!


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  1. Love your window and wreath! Your line about “Have them styled so that they look like they are coming out of the wreath….about ready to fall to the ground” made me laugh because that would be what would be happening if I did this – even if that wasn’t the goal!

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