Creative Photo Display Using Crib Springs {Upcycled}

Creative Photo Display using Crib Springs!  Yep, you heard me right!  I know you still have a crib hanging out in the attic or storage room waiting for sweet baby #2,  #3 or even  #4!   Yes?  No?  Maybe!

Heck, I was so afraid to get rid of mine thinking I would get pregnant as soon as I did.    It’s true……..  I have some friends who got rid of their crib and BAM….they were pregnant!    LOL…..I consider keeping our crib as my own personal birth control!   When I was finally past the point of having any more children {insert sad face}, my crib happened to be part of a recall due to the railings potentially being too close together.  Hello, in the case of my crib I think the CPSC is absolutely nuts, but who am I to argue.  It just means that I hold onto the crib, much to PT’s dismay……….waiting for its chance to be upcycled

Whether you have an old crib, or one that is just waiting for the next baby to be nestled inside, why not use it in the meantime?  Seriously, it is just collecting dust anyway?  There are so many things you can do with the crib parts….I am only now tapping into the potential!  First the railings being used as dog gates, now the springs are being used to display photographs in my office.  I can only imagine what will come next!

Creative Photo Display

I hung the crib springs up on a wall that sits behind a set of double doors in my office.  This is the same office that holds this sweet little burlap cork board!  It is what I see when I lift my head up from the computer.  I get to see my favorite boys, niece & nephews and be inspired by some workouts ….which, by the way, haven’t been put to use yet! 

Photo display using crib springs

The metal grids are perfect for pinning your favorite recipes, fabric swatches, Christmas cards, and all your favorite photographs of family and friends!

Painting clothespins

I found some small clothespins at my local Hobby Lobby, and spray painted a grouping of them silver and some red.  I don’t know if I like the colors yet, especially against an olive-green wall, but the beauty of paint is….. if you don’t like it, it is only a cheap can of paint and your time!  Very inexpensive to swap it out!  I initially bought the teeny tiny clothespins, but found them difficult to work with and breaking every few minutes, so I went back and bought the next size up.  They are smaller than what you would use to hang clothes, but bigger than your thumbnail.

Creative Crib Uses

Don’t want to hang it up on the wall for photographs?  Some other great ideas include:

  • Hang it in your closet and use it as a shoe rack!
  • Use it in your garden….it would be great for climbing clematis!
  • Speaking of gardens, attach 4 posts to make a table and you have you own personal potting table.  Clean up is super easy as all the dirt falls on the ground.  Just sweep it into the grass or landscaping!
  • Hang it from the ceiling and use it as a pots and pans rack over your kitchen island!

Although I think these ideas are fabulous, and I might have to try a few in the future, I am currently loving it in my office and believe my baby’s crib springs has found a loving stable home as a Creative Photo Display!

All the best,



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