Christmas Decorating {In the Family Room}

Christmas is my favorite time of year!  It represents so much to many of us…..and all for different reasons!  For me it represents Hope……. Faith…… Family…….. Friends……. and most important, the Miracle and birth of our Savior Jesus Christ!
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I used to go all out when decorating for Christmas…….every banister, and all nooks and crannies touched somehow and in some way with Christmas decorations!   If I was going to be honest, I would admit that some would say it was overkill, and that Santa had thrown up all over our house! But I am not going to be honest, and in my eyes it was perfection and magical and I loved it at the time!  My storage room is packed to the gill with Christmas boxes (Rubbermaid), resting patiently 11 months out of the year.  The past couple of years, I have scaled down on the decorations.  Mainly because of time!  With hockey tournaments consuming the Thanksgiving weekend the past 5 years, and a full-time job……time and energy haven’t allowed a full-blown Santa’s Workshop to be created in the Tafelski household!  And I am okay with that.  Each year, fewer and fewer items have made their way up the stairs from the basement.  Let me tell you a secret……I am kind of liking this minimalist look!  No more worrying whether a Santa was going to be kicked off the staircase!  No more week-long decorating sessions after pulling out all the boxes, and then having to clean up the mess I created!  This year, only 2 rooms were touched….the family room and our dining room!
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The family room is the heart of our home.  We have a very open floor plan, with the family room and kitchen truly being one big room, and all the action happens in these 2 places.  I guess in today’s standards our family room would be considered a “Keeping Room”, it is not very big and truly creates some cozy moments for the 4 of us!
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When I am doing the dishes, or K is unloading the dishwasher the mantle is the focal point.  Every year I try to do something special with the mantle!  This year, I was stumped…… and didn’t want to drag out the box that has most of the decorations, as it was buried under all the other boxes that didn’t make the cut this year!
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I literally through this together in a couple of minutes, as I was packing up a some pine sprays.  The only items up there are 3 sprays of garland (ones I use in floral arrangements), some berry and crystallized sprigs and small glass candle holders with tea lights in them.  In the iron candle holders, I cut up some little red bead garland (that was perfect for the xmas trees in the boys’ room) and added in some silver bell ornaments to stabilize the white candles on top.  I can’t wait to turn all the lights out and only have the glow of the candles and Christmas tree lights.  Two words:  Peaceful and Relaxing!
Tempting ThymeThe finishing touch on the mantel is the stockings!  I found these ice skates a few years ago in Brentwood, TN! Can’t beat 80% off after xmas sales!
Tempting ThymeI found these initial ornaments at JoAnne’s Fabric Store, and thought they would be perfect to cap off each stocking!
Tempting ThymeEven though Santa has not visited P and I in many moons, I still felt the need to cap off ours as well! Does Santa fill adult stockings in your home?
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A few years ago we scaled back on our xmas tree, same height but not as wide…….and much easier to decorate!  I have been hanging on to the big one for the ‘what-if’, but have faced reality and now it will be going to a new home after xmas this year.  I am looking forward to having the extra space in the storage room, and know it is going to a good home.  Besides, I love our new tree!
Tempting ThymeNot a very good shot, but you get the drift.  It is a pre-lit tree, but I still add about 400 lights to it.  Like the tree topper?
Tempting ThymeIf you had any doubt, we are a hockey family through and through.  These are K’s very first skates, size 13Y and he was 5 years old when he first started playing.  They normally hold a place of honor in our basement, hanging next to a shadow box displaying the boys’ jerseys, but every Christmas, they make their way up to the top of our tree.  I fill the boots with pine sprays and berries, and it keeps the memories strong.  Strange, I know!  Most people have an Angel, or a Santa Claus…..we have hockey skates.  They mean so much to our family…..isn’t that what counts?

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  2. Very pretty! I’ve reached the same stage. After years and years of carrying up every little decoration, I’ve scaled way back! It is so much easier, and I have to admit, I was getting too stressed out just thinking about moving everything, only to move it back a month later! I find the holidays more enjoyable when I can use my time and energy to enjoy spending time with the kids! I’ve already dropped several bags off at Goodwill, and there will be more in January. I’ve really been going through the whole house this fall, bagging up all of those “what-if” items….it’s so free-ing!!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!! If you can find time in your schedule in the coming weeks or months, let me know—I’d love a day of scrapbooking or baking and catching up!

    • Thanks Jen! I will be following suit this next year and weeding out the house big time. I have way too many what ifs. The boys have a tournament after Xmas. Let me plot a few things out and I will get a hold of you! Merry Christmas!!

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