Finally answering that burning question…..

I still can’t believe that I did it!

I might even declare temporary insanity if you ask about it today!

I also can’t believe PT actually allowed me to do it!!

I have loved this bed even before we found it at Ethan Allen over 20+ years ago.  Having a canopy bed was always something I craved when I was a girl, and would even cut out photos from the decorating magazines and add them to my “dream” binder.  I might even still have that binder around here somewhere!  😉

How I cut our canopy bed into a plain old headboard and footboard

So there was no doubt when PT and I got married that we would be purchasing a canopy bed for our home.

We will not even discuss my fixation on Ethan Allen many moons (and children) ago.  I am soooooo over it now!!!!!

We will also not discuss why I couldn’t take a better ‘before’ picture than the one above.  Let’s just say we were too busy ripping up the carpet in preparation for the new hardwood floors, and I was in no mood to try to set the perfect scene.  In fact, this picture was taken so that I could remember how to put it back together once the flooring was done.  Who knew that it never would get put back together!  😉

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram then you have seen some of the photos while I was cutting into the canopy.  I even declared my love for this bed on social media!

The burning question that many of you have emailed is, “If I loved this bed so much, why would I cut it up”?

Two reasons come to mind.

The first being that we needed a new mattress, and we wanted to transition up to one that was king sized…….

Ethan Allen Beds

…….and two, this bed was taking up way too much “visual landscape” in our bedroom.  See how close it is to the ceiling fan?  We only have 8 foot ceilings, and this bed was 7 feet tall!!

Am I happy that I did it?

Yes, and…..


Am I happy how it turned out?

Yes, yes…..a resounding YES!

Ethan Allen Beds

I was able to keep the integrity of the bed intact, which was very important to me.  The swells , points and curves are spot on to the original design.  I was also able to match up the stain so that you would never (unless your nose is right up against it) know that we didn’t purchase it “as is”.

Ethan Allen Furniture

So what am I grumbling about?  Why am I indecisive on my happiness?

Maybe it’s because of that girl, from long ago, dreaming about the future stretched out before her……. wondering how many babies would be cuddling with her on lazy weekend mornings…..

Or it could just be that I loved that bed to pieces!!!! Yes, I am nuts!  LOL!

For those of you that asked, I did try to sell it. I priced it a little too high, $500, which would tell you that I really hoped it didn’t sell. I even had some interest on Craigslist.  One who would have paid me on the spot if I was willing to store it for another 5 months as she wanted to pick it up during her move from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin.  As much as I wanted to say yes, I knew that it would be agony seeing it in our garage everyday. Plus, I wanted to be able to park our cars in the garage during the winter! 😉

I think the final straw for me was K requesting a larger bed as well.  In my mind, we could give him our queen sized bed and mattress, purchase a king size mattress for us…..and only be on the hook financially for our king mattress and frame.  It wouldn’t cost any additional money, AND I would still have this wonderful frame in our home.

So how did I do it?

Using a jigsaw to cut off the canopy from our bed

I used a Jigsaw and a Saw Saw.

Cutting the canopy off of our ethan allen bed

I made a template from the curves in the foot and headboard, and traced it onto the wood using a sharpie, and held my breath while I made the first cut……

Ethan Allen Furniture

Here is a shot after I reassembled it, but before staining and polishing…….

Ethan Allen Furniture

I had to use some wood putty to build up a few sections, as it was a tough angle on all of the edges!!

Ethan Allen FurnitureA full shot of the headboard!

Yes, I have stained it since these were taken. 😉

Ethan Allen Furniture

And yes, Rudy does appear in a lot of my shots!  He follows me everywhere when I am home…..

Ethan Allen Cournty French Furniture

That’s the simple truth of the “why” and the “how” I made our beautiful canopy bed that was heading out of our lives, into a fashionable bed that will remain in our home for the long haul!

What do you think?       Love it or hate it?


3 thoughts on “Finally answering that burning question…..

  1. Shaunna,
    You are one daring lady! I have the same dilemma that you did. I love my canopy bed (exactly the same as yours) but I would kill to have a king size, rather than a queen. What did you do with the rest of the material from the bed? What about one of those ceiling fixtures that have drapes hanging down around the head of the bed? I forget what this is called. I’m truly ambivalent about your handiwork. Not the quality, but the surgery of it all!?

    • Debbie, I still can’t believe I did it. I loved that bed!!!!! My dream for a king bed, and not wanting to give it away, won out. This bed is being used by my oldest son, and will eventually be in the guest room. I have seen the drape canopies and they are beautiful, just don’t think I could get my husband to sleep underneath one. 😉 I kept all the scrolled wood….every last piece. I have intentions of using is as detail if I ever get around to doing some built in bookcases around the fireplace. If that doesn’t work out, and we move to a house with taller ceilings I might try to reattach everything. Kidding! Kind of! 😉 Let me know what you decide to do, and pictures please!!!!

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