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Just a few words on this gorgeous Sunday morning…..

Being woken up in the middle of the night is not fun!

Having it happen two nights in a row is just plain RUDE!

Having to call ‘911’ the second night was down right NERVE WRACKING!

Teenage escapades

Obviously we are fine…….or I wouldn’t be writing this!!

Friday night it was PT waking me up to look out our front window to see 2 kids sitting in the landscape across the street, with 2 others standing in the lawn, 2 standing on the sidewalk and 4 policeman shining lights on them all.

I don’t know how long he stood there watching, but I chose to go back to bed!

Last night, Rudy woke me up with his obnoxious barking and PT shouting for me to call 911. 

Holy crap!!!!

Not knowing what the hell was going on………

more than half asleep, running back to the bedroom to get my cell phone…..

having to tell the 911 operator our address 3 times!

That stuttering and fast talking may or may not have been all of the butterflies and nerves starting to flow through my body!

Or it could have been the dang mouth guard that I wear at night so that I don’t grind my teeth! LOL!

I give the police a lot of credit……they got to our house FAST!

What was the issue?

Dang teenagers (at least I hope they were teenagers) causing mischief in our yard and pounding on our front door with a construction pilon. 

The police picked it up off our walkway when they raced over to investigate our call. 

The kids must have dropped it when they took off running when PT starting yelling at them through the door…..

The information we received for Friday night is that the kids were up to no good smoking pot in the landscape,

in the middle of a neighborhood……in a stranger’s yard!

These kids could have been the same one’s causing us grief last night!

Or they could have been totally different!

They may not have been kids at all!

All I know is that it took forever to go back to sleep, and had me for the first time very fearful in my own home.

Not a good feeling!!!!!

I do remember ding dong ditch-em when I was a kid, but never at 1 am.

In this day and age of drug usage increasing, people breaking into homes to feed their habit, human trafficking, if this is what they were doing…….NOT COOL!

Since we are all SAFE….

….I will leave you with some awesome thoughts and ideas that I found on social media! 😉

Bookcase makeover using barn doorsPhoto credit:  Suzy @ Worthing Court

I loooovvvvve this bookcase makeover that Suzy did in her home office!  I don’t have any bookcases tall enough to do this myself, but my parent’s certainly do!

The easiest possible way to create an antique mirror from a brand new one.Photo credit: Jen @Fresh Crush

My friend and I tried to do this to a couple of mirrors a few years ago.  Jen’s tutorial looks a little different than the one that we were following, so I think we will have to give it another try!

With all of the noise surrounding us these days I found this post on living a mediocre life spot on! 

I think we would all be a lot better off if we would just dial it down and not get caught up in what the “Jones'” are doing, and lead the life that gives us simplicity and peace within ourselves!

On that note, I am heading outside to lift my face to the sun, say a prayer of thanks that I have a pint size dog that thinks he can protect us, and that we have an awesome police department in the “Little O”!

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