Healthy Snacking with Perfectly Simple Nutrition Bars

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am being pulled in five different directions……and I am even down one child with B away at college! 😉 

I still have no idea how I kept myself sane when they were little and we were racing from school to activities to dinner to homework just to repeat it all the next day.  Pheewww!!  These days I get tired just thinking about it!!  LOL!

What is it about Mom’s that we feel like we have to do it all, do it well, and be all things to everyone around us?  Why haven’t we learned the fine art of “NO”? 

Even though I have gotten a little better (let me tell you, for every “NO” you hand out, you become a little stronger and a little more relaxed), I still find myself agreeing to things even when I would like to be curled up in a comfy chair reading a book instead!

How do I take care of myself (and reach that #feelgooder moment) when I am being pulled in a zillion directions…..

…..forgotten to prepare breakfast the night before.

……eating out a little too much.

…….or in need of a quick snack in the afternoon to tied me over til dinner? 

I keep these Perfectly Simple Nutrition Bars (by ZonePerfect) stashed everywhere!! 

#FeelGooder Healthy Snacking with ZonePerfect

They are perfect for that on-the-go breakfast we all tend to have these days!

#FeelGooder Healthy Snacks by ZonePerfect

I keep some in my office for a healthy snack, and as a pick me up to get through the long afternoon at work!  Eating these allow me to take the breather that I need, filling up with something healthy versus seeking out the vending machine!

My current favorite is the Almond Toffee Crunch….

#FeelGooder Healthy Snacks by ZonePerfect

With the Oatmeal Chocolate Crunch stepping on its heals!

#FeelGooder Healthy Snacks by ZonePerfectI have only been able to find these 2 flavors at my local stores (Kroger’s and Meijer’s), but there are a total of 4 flavors:

  • Almond Toffee Crunch
  • Bing Cherry & Almond (I cannot wait to try this one)
  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk
  • Roasted Cashew & Dark Chocolate

All of these Perfectly Simple snack bars are high in protein, have less than 200 calories, and as a bonus…..are gluten free!

#FeelGooder Healthy Snack from Perfectly Simple ZonePerfect

I think they are the perfect blend of simple, wholesome ingredients (ingredients we can recognize) in one tasty, on the go treat.  These taste so good that you will feel like you are eating dessert, even when your waist line convinces you that you are not!

#FeelGooder Healthy Snack from Perfectly Simple ZonePerfect

When our lives are crazy busy and we crave simplicity, don’t you think a company should focus on the “less is more” theory?

Perfectly Simple fits this bill by ensuring that each individually wrapped bar is simple……wholesome…..delicious AND satisfying!!

#FeelGooder Healthy Snack from Perfectly Simple ZonePerfect

As an added bonus, here is a $1 off coupon for you to try them —–>  Printable Coupon

Have you tried the Perfectly Simple bars by ZonePerfect yet?  What is your favorite flavor?



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  1. Shaunna, I feel exactly the same way–and I have BOTH kids in college! Crazy! I’ve been looking for the “perfect” snack. (more accurately, I’ve been waiting for it to come find me!). I’m definitely going to try these–hoping to find the cherry ones! Take care of yourself. I hope you’re making plans to come to our big reunion next summer!!

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