Mother’s Day Printable using Graphic Stock {plus a Giveaway}

If you are anything like me, then you love a good printable!

Especially when it has an awesome background, cute design and more importantly…..a message that hits close to home personally.

I often wondered where these very creative people were getting their graphics and images to add to the quotes and/or text that they were using.  You can do a search on Google and the volume of images that you see is astounding, but if you happen to grab any of these images, you may be running into copyright issues.  No way would I want to risk that infringement and hassle!!  Graphic Stock solves all of these problems by giving us royalty free access to their vast library. 😉

Graphicstock is giving us unlimited downloads of royalty free graphics and images

Graphic Stock is currently allowing all of us a 7-day free trial, where we get to explore their library of over 250,000 images!  All of these downloads for FREE?

Yep…… for 7 days…. and I can assure you I have been taking full advantage of  Graphic Stocks offer, downloading backgrounds and greeting cards and graphics and…..

Well you get the drift, I am a downloading full this week!  😉

I am loving these three, with all of the blues and green, and have I told you that I am a sucker for anything with a mason jar these days??
Download royalty free images from GraphicStock

Absolutely love them!!!!

royalty free embelishments from GraphicStock

This cute bicycle card was downloaded just like this, no additional enhancements or tweaking needed.  Just print it on card stock and you have the perfect birthday card for your favorite “someone”!

Free images using GraphicStock

Same with the cute little buggy image!  All I added was the “It’s a Boy” text…..

Free Images with GraphicStock

We all know I love embellishments, with these being just a few of my favorites……….

Free Images using GraphicStock

You can cut and “rework” any of these graphics into your project.  I am going to try and use one of the bikes above and do a massive remodel of my blog site.  Then again….maybe I will use some of the swirling hearts on the right!


Want to see how I made this great printable using a Graphic Stock background?  It literally took just a few minutes, and will be perfect as a Mother’s Day card!

Perfect timing, right???

Or you can print it out for free here, put it in a frame, wrap it up and give it to your Mom next weekend.  She will love it!!!!

Graphic Stock Free Images

Go to the link above for your free printable!  Don’t right click the image above and hit save, as there is a watermark in the center.

Free Images using GraphicStock

I started off by downloading the image above.  For this printable, you could either “cut out” the graphic and load it onto your current project at hand, OR you can do what I did……

Making easy way to make printables with Picmonkey

Go to Picmonkey (which happens to be my favorite free editing site), and click the design icon at the top.  You can’t see it, but I chose the 8×10 option.

Making printables using GraphicStock

It will give you a white canvas to work with.  You can change it to any color you want, but I kept it ‘as is’ knowing that I was going to load in my graphic image.  Go to the butterfly icon on the left (for a great tutorial on picmonkey head on over here) where it will give you the option to upload your own.  Upload the image you downloaded from Graphic Stock.  This will hopefully save you a step versus uploading the image, cutting out the graphic, saving it to your computer, only to upload it again to create your printable.   You may need to resize the picture to fit the width of the blank 8×10 canvas.  This is a simple click and dragging of the corners.

The above image assumes that you have done all of this and want to cover up the “sample text”!  Click on the butterfly icon again and choose the geometric stickers.  Choose the one that best fits your needs (for me it was the rectangle) and make it as big or small as needed to cover up the text.  You will move that rectangle up to cover the text, I just wanted to show you a cool option with Picmonkey.  In order for that rectangle sticker to have the same color as your background you can go over and click the dropper, and then tap any area of your background or graphic.  I obviously wanted it to match the background, so I just tapped the off white background…..but if you wanted to pick up one of the accent colors in the graphic you would just tap one of the pinks, browns or grey elements.  Crazy cool, right?!

Creating a Mother's Day Printable using Graphic Stock Images

Once you have covered up the sample text, it is now all about the verbiage.  I played around with a couple of fonts, making them bigger to fit the area and then saved the whole thing to my computer.  It literally took me under 10 minutes to create this Mother’s Day Printable!

Graphics are not just for professionals.  This DIY chick has been having a great time this week downloading images right and left for future projects.  With over 250,000 stock graphics, infographics, vectors and images available at Graphic Stock there is something for everyone.

I know that your mind is whirling with possibilities for craft projects, and maybe even a few work ones.  Just remember, they are offering one full week for FREE (up to 140 downloads).

Graphic Stock is:

  • 100% Royalty Free!
  • Unrestricted usage rights for personal and/or commercial projects….forever!

Why not give it a try?!  I know I was not disappointed!

{Giveaway: Ends May 18, 2015}

Graphic Stock wants to give one of my readers a years worth of unlimited downloads.  An ENTIRE year of unlimited downloads.  Crazy awesome!!  And yes, I am green with envy!!  😉

Here are the simple rules:

  1. Sign up for the 7 day free trial.
  2. Visit Graphic Stock and locate an image that you would like to use in a project of your own.
  3. Comment on this blog post, sharing a link to the image that you will be using when you win.

That is it!  You will then be entered to win a free 1 year account with Graphic Stock (a $588 value)!

Just a quick note:  If you do not want your Graphic Stock account past the free trial, PLEASE cancel it so that you don’t pay for the membership!

Graphic Stock Free Images

***I want to thank Graphic Stock for giving me the images to create my very first Mother’s Day Printable, and for sponsoring this post.  As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own!

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