Fresh Start: 2015

There is something about the New Year that brings a little excitement into my life, but if I am honest… also scares the dickens out of me! 

Seriously, the entire year is spread out in front of us, with so much potential and opportunity.  We don’t want to blow it, do we?

It is also a chance to reflect back on the year behind us…… the moments we enjoyed, as well as some of the ones that we didn’t…….and make new goals and dreams for the new one!

I used to make resolution after resolution, only to break them after the first month.

Okay, okay….some of them after the first few days!  Geez Louise, you really are keeping me accountable!!  😉

One word for New Year's Resolution

I know that I am like a lot of you that have switched from making resolutions to focusing on just one word!   This year I cannot choose just one word!  I tried, and it is just not working for me!  So without further ado, my two words for this year will be CHALLENGE and DISCIPLINE!  

These 2 almost go hand in hand for me these days, as I am very short on discipline and I love a good challenge!!

How does this translate to 2015?


I will finish ALL of the projects that I start.  Not only the new ones that I hope to do this year, but the ones that I started and never finished in 2014.  I am great at starting things, but towards the middle I start to get bored…….only to find myself starting a new one. You know how vicious that cycle can be!!  LOL!

I will finish what I start from now on!  If I dream it…..start it…..I will see it thru to completion!!

I have some lofty goals for our house this year, and will need all of the encouragement and discipline to stay on task and not get bored with it!


Even though I walked away from candy Labor Day weekend, I have not dropped an ounce of weight.  {SIGH}   The only plus is that my headaches and jaw pain have virtually stopped.  {YEAH} 

I need to take charge of my health, as I work behind a computer screen all day…..only to get back behind a screen after dinner!

What I need to do is get back into the whole food habit and push the processed food aside!  This also means I need to get back into the routine of cooking.  You may have noticed that I haven’t posted many recipes this past year.  With all of the projects going on, and a full time job, the last place you would find me was in the kitchen cooking. 

So I am challenging myself to develop more healthy recipes using whole foods, and to also give “freezer” cooking and menu planning a try.  If a plan is put in motion it might help with the anxiety I feel when walking in the door after work!

I also challenge myself to get off my butt and exercise!!!! 

More than just taking Rudy for a walk that is!! 

This will take HUGE discipline, as my evening “screen” time is a very BAD habit!  If I am going to watch tv it should be while I am on the treadmill, and then maybe guilt won’t set in if I choose to sit behind the computer screen editing photos or working on the blog.


I would like to revamp the layout of Tempting Thyme, making it prettier and a little bit more user-friendly.  I am challenging myself to dig a little deeper and learn the coding necessary to have pages devoted to my projects and recipes.  I love going to other blogs and everything is categorized by photos, making it so much easier to find what I am looking for.  I want this for all of you on my little slice of the internet as well!

I have a few other dreams for the blog……. like sending out a weekly newsletter and getting a weekly round-up going…..but these are huge commitments and I am not sure I can handle another item on my list.  So I should just stick with making the blog prettier, right?!


Yes, I am actually going to challenge myself to relax!  😉    I am definitely one that has a strong Type A personality and find it very hard to unwind.  In 2015 I am going to learn how to relax more and not feel that I have to be doing something every minute of the day.  Maybe take up a little yoga (I hear great things about chanting and “hot” yoga) or pilates at the local gym…..I could even treat myself to a few massages along the way. 

Bottom line……shut my brain off.  If you know anything about me, flipping the switch in my head to “off” is going to be quite the challenge for me and will take lots and lots of discipline to keep it going!!

Now that I have shown you my ideas for a fresh start, what are some of your personal dreams and goals for 2015?  Share them with me below….hopefully we can help each other achieve them!!



BTW—–like that photo?  That was an amazing sunset just a few months ago.  I ran out onto our front porch to capture that with my phone.  Mother Nature is absolutely amazing…..

2 thoughts on “Fresh Start: 2015

  1. Great sunset photo! Back to main subject – I mistakenly treated project work as substitute for exercise. Bad idea (for me, at least) since I did NOTHING in December nasty weather and indulged in whatever I wanted to eat/drink! And I have an easy 2-mile walk that takes me up and down hills without having to do anything more than walking outside the front door. I think I convinced myself that 2 miles isn’t enough to count, but sure would be better than 0 miles! But you’re beating yourself up unnecessarily – working full-time, projects, somehow managing to spend time with your husband (hopefully!). Add a resolution to be a little less harsh in your personal expectations – you are a real breathing woman!!!!!!!

    • You know just what to say Joyce to brighten my mood! I haven’t exercised since the floors went in, but definitely broke the spell by getting my rear onto the treadmill after work today! Woot Woot! Would love a 2 mile walk near my house that had hills to conquer!

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