Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Review

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Waterpik

Let’s talk teeth and gums! =)

LOL! Stop shaking your heads, I know that this is a lifestyle blog that prominently features food and household craft and DIY projects! But I was recently contacted by Waterpik to do a review on one of their newer products, Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser and I squealed in delight. Honest….just ask PT!

Water flosser

Like many of you, I am starting to have some issues with my gums….they are receding just a tad in spots…..enough of an issue that my dentist wants me to start having gum transplant in some areas. Have you ever heard of such a thing??   I hadn’t!   I am all for being proactive, but have you seen how much it costs per tooth? Ouch!!

I have held him at bay, buying myself a little bit of time, by swapping out my regular toothbrush for an electric one …. and now I am adding in the Aquarius Professional Water Flosser to my daily dental routine!

I was so excited when it arrived in the mail last week. I am a creature of habit, and loved, loved my standard toothbrush and string floss. Only problem with this is that I was brushing way too hard and the string floss was making my gums bleed and I couldn’t reach the back teeth. The Waterpik is definitely going to fix these last 2 problems!

My dentist is going to love that I have made the switch over to the Waterpik Water Flosser. I can’t wait for my semi-annual checkup this June.

Okay, that is a bold faced lie as I hate going to the dentist!!   Hmmm, I am looking forward to him seeing the amazing improvement in my teeth and gums! Yeah, that is much more realistic! =)

Enough of the blabbering! Let’s talk about this Water Flosser! After reading this I know that you are going to be making the switch. Say goodbye to your boring string floss …. Say hello to the pretty water flosser!

Water Flosser

I am loving these benefits…..

Effective Plaque Removal- Proven to remove up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas in three seconds!
Healthier Gums- Yep! This is the #1 reason why I am loving the Waterpik Flosser!!
Ideal for Implants- I don’t have this problem yet, but I think that with the 10 different pressure settings you would be able to have better control.
Essential for Braces- I wish I had this when B was in braces a few years back. Do you have kids that have braces? Do they floss? There is an orthodontic tip as one of the attachments, making flossing extremely easy…..especially going around all of that metal!! B still has a retainer permanently ‘fixed’ onto his lower teeth, and I know he is going to love how this water jet feels against his bottom teeth. Yes, I will have him use it all over…..not just his lower teeth and gums. =)
Removes plaque and debris deep between teeth and below the gumline where brushing and traditional flossing can’t reach. As I told you earlier, I had such an issue getting the string floss in the back of my mouth. I just couldn’t angle in such a way to reach those tough spots! I will tell you a little secret. This tight fit made me not want to floss at all!!  I know!  We are supposed to be flossing 2x a day. Bleeding gums and not being able to get to the back equaled flossing only a few times a week. Gross, I know!! {SIGH}
Massages and stimulates gums to enhance circulation and keep your gums strong and healthy– Who doesn’t LOVE a great massage? Even your gums deserve a little TLC….don’t you think?

water flosser
Check out their website for even more details on this water flosser ——>Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser

Want to know my take on the water flosser?

1. I love the 7 different tips, ranging from the classic jet, plaque seeker, pik pocket and we have already discussed the benefits of the orthodontic tip!
2. It is the cutest little contraption that doesn’t take up too much room on the countertop.
3. I like the 2 different modes….floss and hydro-pulse massage. With the press of a button you can easily swap it up.
4. There is a 1 minute timer with a pulse every 30 seconds. It lets you know when you have flossed the appropriate amount of time, and also lets you know when you should be swapping to a different side.
5. I also like the 10 pressure settings. Not everyone likes the same amount of pressure. I started out at 10 which was a big mistake. The force hurt my teeth, but I also have sensitive teeth…..2-3 is a much better setting for me. I might work my way up to 10, and I might not!!

The biggest con to me is that the reservoir only holds about 90 seconds worth of water. I wish it would hold a little bit more so that maybe I could get a couple of days out of it before filling it back up. Like turning on the faucet is such a big deal!!    LOL!

Oh yeah……here is another one.  When the instructions say to use warm water, and you have sensitive teeth and gums…..listen to them!  There was one time I didn’t and the shock to my teeth and gums was mind chilling, brain freeze BUT to my teeth.  I guess that would be a teeth freeze.  That doesn’t sound right.  How about ‘gum freeze’?  Yep, that sounds about right!  Just listen to me and use the warm water!

water flosser

I am still amazed that Waterpik sent me one to try out! I am so happy with it, and can’t wait for the kids to give it a try as well.
On a side note……you are going to be amazed at all the ‘crap’ that comes out of your mouth. I think I have a pretty clean mouth, but food gets caught in these teeny tiny crevices called our teeth and gums. Oh, I should have put this up in the Pros section! =)

Ready to buy one?  Head on over to Waterpik’s website as they are offering all of you free shipping on their products through March 31,2014.  All you have to do is enter in the code FREESHIPWP660!
*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Waterpik.
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    • Thanks Remy! I wasn’t so sure about the product either. Kept thinking my dentist was getting a ‘kick back’ for promoting them (just kidding)! Now I understand all the hubbub over it.

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