Bargains and Buyouts: Deal of the Century

Today I am going to tell you all about a little gem called Bargains and Buyouts.   If you live in the Cincinnati area, you will thank me!   If you don’t live in Cincinnati, then I hope you live within a 2 hour radius, as it is definitely worth the trip.  I wish I had my camera with me on the quick trip in and out.  I could show you all of the great deals and steals they were offering. 

I guess that just means I have to go back, right?  Can we all say FIELD TRIP?  LOL!  Poor PT if he is reading this!  I don’t think he ever reads this little blog, so consider us safe … for the time being anyway!  Until we actually can brave the cold, blustery wind, you can just enjoy my deal of the century, and hopefully we can plan a little trip in the near future.  You all need your own Deal of the Century, right?

Cincinnati Bargains and Buyouts

Look at it, isn’t it beautiful?  I know, I know…. it is a bar stool.  Who the crap cares?  Only me!!!  I have been looking for something like this since we moved into our house 14 years ago.  I love iron (even the look of it makes me smile) and the combination of iron and wood on these stools makes me want to shout “WOO HOO”.  If you ask PT, we didn’t need them!  He was perfectly content with these…..

Ladder Back Stools

I know what you are probably thinking ….. PT is right, there is nothing wrong with them.  Do you agree with him?  They even have some cute frog cushions on them, which my awesome Mom made.  Thanks Mom!!   Going from these ladder back stools to these…..

Bargains and Buyouts
…. is quite the shock, even for me.  But look at them?  Aren’t they amazing?  I am not even going to tell you what I paid for them?  Let me keep you guessing while I show you some more detail work….

Bargains and Buyouts

I love the fact that you can put your foot on the circle to help get onto the stool.  You will also notice the rod sticking down.  This allows you to rotate the stool to make it any height you need.  Want to use it at your drafting table?  No problem!  You have bar height counters?  No problem!  Just swivel away until you have the height you need!  Love it!!  P.S—–don’t go swivel happy and screw yourself right out of the socket.  Seriously, we are NOT in grade school anymore!  =)

Bargains and Buyouts

Look at the detailing!  Isn’t it cool?  I love the rustic contemporary feel of these stools.

Bargains and Buyouts

I love the wraparound iron detail holding the wood seat in place.  You can’t see it, but if you flip the stool over you will see iron clips screwed into the wood.  If something happens to the seat and I need to replace it, all I have to do is unscrew it and replace it with a new one.  Awesome!

Bargains and Buyouts

I took this picture yesterday morning before heading into work.  Yes, that is PT trying to coax Rudy out into the cold, cold weather.  LOL!  He finally had to pick him up and place him outside.  Then he literally danced around on the snowy deck, trying to find the perfect spot to do his business.  Should I reiterate that it was Rudy….not Patrick!  I know, I am being a smart-aleck.  😉

I am still getting used to it feeling so open.  Every time I walk into the family room, I feel as if something is missing.

BTW….see that Nerf gun on the counter?  The high school has a Nerf War that begins right after the holiday.  Actually, let me rephrase that……there is ZERO affiliation with the school district!  These are just some crazy students who form teams, pay an entry fee and then spend the next couple of weeks shooting each other.  The last one standing is the winner of all the entry fees.  I think K told me it is a $1,000 this year.  My biggest question, why can’t they do this in warmer weather?  What is the appeal of doing it in the winter?  I mean I have heard some pretty wild stories about the lengths these kids can go through NOT to get shot.  Seriously!  Last I heard, K was still in the mix and hasn’t been ‘shot’!  Is it okay if a parent calls their child stupid foolish?

 Bargains and Buyouts

Tired of listening to me ramble?     Want to know the details?     Okay, hold your horses!     Drum roll….

I bought these beauties for $60!     No, not $60 apiece……$60 TOTAL!     I did a little research when I got home and found these Christopher Knight Bar Stools ranging anywhere from $130 to $225 APIECE!  Let that soak in…….

Even if we take the lowest price shown, I saved a minimum of $330.  Wow!  Wait a minute while I jump up and do a quick happy dance.  Yeah me!!!

To be fair, I do think the gentleman gave me an extra little perk.  All the other bar stools (and there were 4 long aisles full of them) were sold as a pair.  For some reason there were only 3 of these left, so he took 2 seconds to say he was going to throw in the third one for the same price!   Yeah me!!!

Since I know you all are chomping at the bit to get over there, let me give you the addresses.  I went to the one on Colerain, but I heard through Evolution of Style that they have a newer one in Hamilton.  Like I said…….FIELD TRIP!

********Update:  Bargains and Buyouts has moved and is now over on Glencrossing.  The Colerain and Hamilton store have consolidated into one very large facility.  More space equals a lot of deals and steals for you!! 😉

Bargains and Buyouts new address:

Western Hills Outlet Center
5150 Glencrossing Way
Cincinnati, OH  45238

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Saturday: 10 am – 8 pm
Sunday: 12 pm – 6 pm

I told you all a couple of days ago that our house was going on a diet this year (if you missed that post you can still catch it HERE), which includes not only pitching a pile of unused crapola….but also updating it, breathing new life into it.  These bar stools were the first step!!!  Still doing the happy dance!  That’s just the way I am!
Was I able to {recycle} the ladder back chairs?  Yes!  We have a tall table in our basement that have chairs that are starting to fall apart (2 boys and friends that are VERY rough and tumble with them).  Instead of trying to sell the wood and wicker ones, I feel no qualms about pitching the other ones that are wobbly and broken.  Win…win!
If you want to meet me at Bargains and Buyouts, let me know.  I can’t wait to see what Deal of the Century I find next time!!

If you head on over without me, let me know what you think….and also what you bought??!!

BTW… you agree with PT, or do you like these new stools of mine?

                                                Stay Warm,  Shaunna


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  2. I LOVE them. Do they swivel? I thought I saw some type of screw mechanism under the bottom in one of the pics. I would prefer a back on them, but you did gooooooooooooood.

    • Thank you! Yes, they swivel which means that they will work for counter, bar and even drafting height. Love them! I feel like I sit up straighter if there isn’t a back, but if I do get tired of them (not!) I can always swap them out with the wood/wicker ones that are in the basement now. Have a great week!

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