Homemade {Freezer} Smoothie Packets

Time management has flown out the window at the Tafelski household, which makes these Homemade “Freezer” Smoothie Packets an absolute godsend!   After doing the 7 day fruit and veggie detox/cleanse, I have been having a smoothie for breakfast each morning.  I do still have the Mean Green when I am feeling a need for maximum nutrients flowing to all parts of my body quickly, but am leaning toward a fruit smoothie most mornings.
Fruit Smoothie

I don’t know about you all, but I have a tendency to hit the snooze button again and again and again.  Very bad habit of mine, I know.  Sigh……  Would love to be that person who used to get up at 5:30 am and walk 4 miles before PT left for work.  Being a slave to the snooze button leaves me little time to cut up fruit, clean up the mess, yell at B to hurry up and get out of the shower…….make a second cup of coffee AND get to work on time.  Similar to the frozen cookie dough balls (you can find that post here), I decided to make these packets up ahead of time.   Didn’t take much time at all, and now if I am crunched for time I can just pull one of these out and throw it in the blender.  Makes it a lot easier for B and K, if they crave a smoothie when I am not around.

Fruit SmoothieI found it easier to cut up all of the fruit at once, and to place it all in a large tupperware container. There is approximately 1 container of strawberries, 1 container raspberries, 3 kiwi, 8 small bananas, and 5 mangos in the picture above.
Fruit SmoothieI was able to  fill 8 sandwich size Ziploc bags for future smoothies.  Each one contains approximately 2 cups of fruit.
Fruit SmoothieNow that you have the base ready to go for your smoothie’s, you can get creative when processing it in the blender.  I am loving adding spinach to my smoothies.  Sounds gross, I know, but it truly doesn’t add any flavor AND you can’t beat the nutrients.
Fruit SmoothieCountless times I have tried to tempt B and K into trying one of the smoothies with spinach.  Absolutely will not budge, in fact they leave the room when they see me preparing it on the weekends.  LOL!  It’s a good thing I work out of what used to be a bathroom….tucked away so that my co-workers don’t have to cringe.  All I have to say is…..they don’t know what they are missing.  When I make the kids smoothies, I add in a container of vanilla yogurt.  For mine I use unsweetened Coconut Milk.
Fruit SmoothiesAt this point you have yourself a smoothie……2 cups of fruit and your choice of liquid.  I will use the entire container of yogurt (6 oz) for the boys, or 1/4-3/4 cup of coconut milk for mine…..depending on how thick I want it.  You will need to play around with this to find your comfort zone and what you prefer.
Fruit SmoothieIn addition to the spinach I am loving the 4 above items…..especially the Matcha Powder!  I will be writing more on this ingredient soon, I promise.  If I need a little more protein, I add in the protein powder.  If I need more fiber and Omega 3, I will swap off between the chia seeds and the flax seeds.  No preference, it’s whatever I grab first out of the refrigerator.
Fruit SmoothieNot a morning goes by that I don’t have a smoothie, and these Homemade {Freezer} Smoothie Packets are a huge timesaver for me.

Homemade {Freezer} Smoothie Packets

Serves:  You are only limited by the amount of supplies you have on hand!!

 Ingredients/Supplies Needed

  • Mangos
  • Bananas
  • Peaches
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Kiwi
  • Ziploc Sandwich Bags
  • Black Sharpie


  1. With the Sharpie, write on the Ziploc bags the fruit combination you will be using in each bag.  Example:  Banana, Strawberry & Mango; or even, Peach, Raspberry and Banana.
  2. Open the Ziploc bags and prop up on a cookie sheet.
  3. Cut fruit into bite size pieces.
  4. Fill each bag with 2 cups fruit, any combination.  I prefer to use 1 small banana per smoothie bag and then mix and match with the remaining fruit {about 1 ½ cups}.  Use your pre-labeled bags as your guide.
  5. Squeeze as much of the air out as possible and seal the bags.
  6. Freeze for up to 6 months.


 Smoothie packet –> Smoothie

Remove the packet from the freezer.  Dump into your blender and process with ½- ¾  cup of yogurt, milk or milk alternative.  Blend until smooth.

Printable Recipe


What do you do to save time in the morning?


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6 thoughts on “Homemade {Freezer} Smoothie Packets

  1. This is an awesome idea! Shaunna, this will be great for summer! Such a great idea Vicky! You are a Featured Favorite this week on Saturday Show & Tell on Cheerios and Lattes! Thanks for sharing with us last week, we can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to this week! Have a great weekend!
    Mackenzie 🙂

  2. Ha, I said to The Canadian One recently: ‘When we get to Canada, we should do what I used to do at university and freeze individual smoothie packets of fruit so in the mornings we can just grab and go.’ I have honestly never seen him more impressed by an idea. Go figure. 🙂 I never thought of using coconut milk though. I’ll have to try it out.

    • They have saved me so much time in the morning. In fact, I just ran out Monday…..which means this weekend I will be making more. I love the unsweetened coconut milk, but you could use soy or almond milk also. Congratulations on moving to Canada!

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