To Juice or Not to Juice? {Mean Green}

To Juice or not to Juice? 

There is a lot of hype and myths floating around on the internet these days about Juicing, and NO ….I am not talking about pumping up with steroids B and K!    **  Can you believe that is what the kids today call steroids?  **

Good, old-fashioned Juicing involves 2 items and everyone can find them in their local supermarket!  Vegetables and Fruit!  It is as simple as these 2 items.  Oh, and you must have a Juicer!  Forgot that simple fact.  Sorry….change it to 3 items!

I am not going to sit here and tell you the pros and cons to Juicing, nor am I going to tell you I am an expert on this subject.  I AM NOT an expert!  I also did very limited research into this subject before taking the plunge into my 7 day Juice.

I personally ate vegetables and fruits for 1 whole….entire….veeeerrry long week …… for ONE simple reason.  To jump-start my life, rid my body of the built up toxins (aka: sugar), and chart the course for healthier, cleaner choices.  Very simple reason….right? Juicing

Last May, I ran across a blog post by Terry over at These Peas Taste Funny, promoting a new series she was doing!  It focused on the wheel of life (not to be confused with the circle of life…..oh yeah….now I have ‘Kumbaya‘ floating around in my head), and the satisfaction we feel in each relevant area of our lives.  This is what the wheel looks like.  I printed it out and colored in the sections with 8 pretty colors from a leftover crayola box I found lying around the mud room closet.
Wheel of LifeDid it spur me into action?  Nope!  What it did do was made me THINK, and reflect on what I want in my life and gave me pause on how I should be getting there.  I made a few changes this summer, but if I was honest with myself, I would have to say I thought more than actually putting my ideas into action.  Like K’s dwarf hamsters on that damn wheel at night…..running all night…..and GOING NO WHERE!

It wasn’t until I read about a cancer patient holding off her Stage 4 cancer with fruits and vegetable for SEVEN years that I moved.  It was the prodding I needed to finally get off that hamster wheel.  I have always been a sugar addict, but it seems after the chemo treatments ended, it has magnified.  I am addicted to the one item that my cancer cells feed on…..  Hmmmmm…

That very night I ordered my Juicer….told my kids what I was going to do, and maybe they should join me…..and promptly heard that they were not going to do steroids…LOL…I learn a new slang word everyday!  Nor were they going to drink anything green, HA!  Isn’t the drink below outrageous…I don’t want to drink it either…….

I won’t give you all the details of this past week!  Not yet anyway!  Some would say it would be a very boring read, I choose to say it is too long and I will break it up into different posts!  Will give me more chances to inspire you!!
JuicingNeedless to say, the Mean Green was my breakfast for the past 7 days.  It wasn’t until Saturday and Sunday, that I switched the Kale for Spinach (but only because my local Kroger’s was out of it).

Monday I thought I was going to die drinking this all week, and possibly for every meal.  That may have been when PT offered me 1K if I survived all week.  Sadly, when he saw the light in my eyes, he reneged.  Sigh!!  I am over that disappointment…. No I’m not, who am I kidding!!!

I am here to tell you I didn’t die, although I had to add in a packet of stevia to suck it all down and I was still gagging.  BUT, and that is a huge BUT folks, Tuesday I actually enjoyed the Mean Green  (that may be laying it on a little thick)!  The middle of the week found me looking forward to my daily breakfast, AND had me licking up the remnants left on the side of the glass.  Maybe I shouldn’t have admitted that one, gave you a visual you all DID NOT need.  HA!

Without further ado, here is the awesome Mean Green recipe:

Mean Green


6 Kale Leaves
1 Cucumber, peeled
4 Celery Stalks
2 Granny Smith Apples
½ Lemon, peeled
1 piece ginger, about 1 inch


Printable Recipe

What did I learn from this week?   That I have the mental strength and willpower if I dig deep enough, even without 1K on the line.

**On a side note, if you see PT, please give him a hard time about this!  The light he saw dancing in my eyes was probably the new camara I have been drooling over…  sighing again folks….. harass him, he deserves it**

Stay tuned for some awesome recipes I created (think yummy fruit Smoothies), and a few that I found over at the Reboot!!

To juice or not to juice?  It is not for everyone, but it did jump-start my life…..


My inspiration for taking the plunge…..

Jessica over at Wellness Warrior
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