25 degrees in 1short mile…whatcha talkin’ about Willis?

What did I just say…… 25 degrees in 1 short mile?   Whatcha talkin’ about Willis……..is that even possible?

As many of you know, part of this country is under attack…..not with guns and grenades, or whose side you are going to be on with the pending divorce of TomKat  (how long do you think it will take before the rumor’s start flying again about Tom being gay????)…….but with a heat wave!  I don’t think Oxford has seen an ounce of rain in over a month.  If I put my thinking cap on, I am sure I could pronounce it closer to two.

Just an observation!    No hate mail please!   No way am I taking anything away from the citizens in Colorado dealing with the wildfire’s.  Devastating loss for these families, and they need our continued support, thoughts and prayers!

The boys and I were en route to Eaton, hooking up with PT for the drop off!  I am day-dreaming of 4:30, when I would be kid and husband free for 36 hours.  Woohoo!  All you mom’s out there totally get it!   B is snoring away next to me, possibly dreaming of the great time he had with the guys the night before (btw, it is an amazing feeling to go to bed at 11pm, hearing teenage laughter even through closed windows).     K, I swear was chanting….”I wish I had listened to Mom about starting the laundry earlier”…..”Mom is always right”….as he sat wearing a damp shirt out of the dryer, LOL!

Fifteen minutes to go, sweat rolling down my nose (even with the air on), thermostat breaking the 100 degree threshold, and dark clouds looming in the distance.  I initially thought it was heat lightning, quickly turning my thought process to tornadoes, as trees are bending deeply at the waist, groaning as the wind picks up its assault.

How does the temperature drop so rapidly?  One minute the air is strangling you, and the next you are shivering asking for a sweater.  Go figure!  I pray that we were getting a portion of this torrential downpour, but I wasn’t going to hold my breath.

I have to be honest and say I was bummed to be heading home in the Civic.  I was hoping the guys would use the car with the best fuel mileage.    Reality took over, move 1 body between the 2 cars…..or get drenched trying to shuffle hockey bags, sticks and luggage from car to car……..sigh!!

Silver lining…..I found a pair of glasses that I thought I had lost.  They have been patiently waiting to be found by moi!  Pity that PT and B never noticed them sitting there.  HA!

God was only allowing me one silver lining for the day.   Another sigh!!    The closer I got to Oxford, the rain became a trickle, pavement became drier and upon pulling into the neighborhood, only a rare puddle remained.

Oxford may still be a desert, our grass getting tanner by the day, but I have the next 36 hours to myself (hoping to get the office swap completed!), found a pair of glasses and witnessed 25 degrees in 1 short mile!  Arnold is definitely saying ‘whatcha talkin’ about Willis’?

5 thoughts on “25 degrees in 1short mile…whatcha talkin’ about Willis?

    • Oh, I love that motto….I haven’t heard that before. LoL! Except for the harsh winters, I adore Maine. We get up there every other year….definitely God’s country, so beautiful!

  1. Isn’t this weather CRAZY?!? We are dry, dry, dry like you….no rain in almost 2 months. Today, some wonderful water made it to our neighborhood!! Unfortunately, it was preceded by horrific winds that downed many trees, including ours. Oh well, we got rain, so no complaints! I, too, experienced extreme temp change this week. We were in upstate NY, where it was cool and rainy. On Tues, we were in sweatshirts, as the high temp was 62 degrees. Wed, as we drove home, the temp shot up as soon as we hit Ohio. Good bye sweatshirts!

    • I think we ended up getting more winds than rain, half of the city is without electricity…I am fortunate to still have power! Did survey the yard this morning and I have limbs down and 1 tree was killed. Oh well, didn’t like the location of it anyway. While in NY did you venture down to a Yankees game?

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