Healthy Snacking with Perfectly Simple Nutrition Bars

#FeelGooder Healthy Snack from Perfectly Simple ZonePerfect

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am being pulled in five different directions……and I am even down one child with B away at college! ūüėȬ† I still have no idea how I kept myself sane when … Continue reading

Layered Strawberry and Lemon Rice Pudding

Layered Strawberry and Lemon Rice Pudding

This summer I have been all about the simple things, which is why this Layered Strawberry and Lemon Rice Pudding is right up my alley. Summer is all about being outside until 9:00/9:30 at night; watching the kids play games … Continue reading

Granola {Honey Nut}

Tempting Thyme Granola

The leaves are starting to sing….dancing and whispering¬†across the lawns, and¬†what am I doing but¬†hiding in¬†the kitchen eating one of my favorite¬†items…..Honey Nut Granola!¬† Denial of what is to come……raking and raking and more raking, or taking a break and … Continue reading

Buried Treasure {Sweet and Salty}

Snack Mix

Buried Treasure¬†can mean a lot¬†of different things to many people.¬† Some of us bury time capsules for future generations, kids hide trinkets to play ‘pirates and cops/robbers’, dogs hide their favorite bones.¬† In my world (short-sighted that it is), the … Continue reading