Monday Motivation: The Key to Success

The Key to Success Quote

If you haven’t noticed…..I love quotes! I surround myself with them, just another piece of clothing that is vital to my day.  They lift me up, challenge me and occasionally they even make me cry.  Inspiration that all of our … Continue reading

Monday Motivation: What is normal? {9.30.2013}

Monday Motivation

Am I the only one that questions what normal is, or what it should be?  By the way…..who is that magical person who makes the official ruling? I love this quote of Maya Angelou!  It is so true! Why don’t … Continue reading

The Key to Life Quote……

“The Key to Life isn’t looking for a safe sameness with every passing season.  It is learning to enjoy the ride, whatever the next turn in the road might bring.  Believing that God is driving and He will get us home safely~~however bumpy the trip may be.”   -Karen Kingsbury

Subway Art- Yes you can really make your own!

Tempting Thyme Subway Art

Woo Hoo!! I finally finished a new project and can’t wait to show you all! I love Subway Art….have adored it since living in my beloved New York City.  Love the different elements that can be added, as well as … Continue reading