Stair Project Begins: Removing the Carpet and Prepping the Wood

DIY Interior Stairs

After much internal debate, I couldn’t take it anymore and started ripping up the carpet on our stairs!  😉 If anyone tries to tell you that this is an easy DIY project they are LYING!  This has been one of … Continue reading

Backyard Shed

Shed Door Inspiration

After over 14 months of dreaming about it, I cannot tell you how happy I am to finally start using our backyard shed!  It has been a long haul….. but only time will tell whether it was a worthwhile project. … Continue reading

Black Front Door {Foyer}

Black Front Door

Do you ever feel like you are trying to open a door (front door), but the handle keeps on spinning, trapping you inside? This is how I feel with our foyer project!  Things are definitely spinning, but nothing much is … Continue reading

{Boys} Bathroom Cabinets

Painting Oak Cabinets

I hope you all are having a great week!  We are getting dumped on once again, and I have to say I am getting tired of it.  I at least have to be thankful that we do not live in … Continue reading

{Upcycled} Tin Can Caddy

How to make a tin can caddy

Do you ever see something in a magazine, or on the internet, and instantly know that you will be recreating it?  Something about it just speaks to you, even calling your name?   You know exactly where it will go … Continue reading