Your Child Still Has a Birthday Even if My Kid Has Allergies!

Allergies and cupcakes

I was totally flabbergasted over a recent headline on the Huffington Post: “Why do your kids allergies mean my kid can’t have a birthday?”   Seriously…… do people really believe this crap?  I was a little late joining the party on … Continue reading

What does it feel like to have Cancer? Part 3 {Final}

Tempting Thyme

What Does it Feel Like to Have Cancer ~ Part 3 {Final} Yesterday was a very rough day for most of us.  9/11 brings out so many emotions in all of us.  I know exactly where I was when the … Continue reading

What does it feel like to have cancer? —PART 2

    I hope everyone is up for round #2.  You won’t hurt my feelings if you delete or ignore this, I completely understand.  I am doing this for me, not you.  Each word I write is a seed being planted, waiting  … Continue reading

What does it feel like to have cancer?

Tempting Thyme

My deadline has arrived.  I know that you all have been on the edges of your seats waiting for this post.  Yes, get a grip!  Most of you won’t even read this, and I don’t blame you.  It is depressing … Continue reading

Warrior Woman-3 Years in the Making

Today marks my anniversary (or some people say birthday) of being cancer free for three years.  There is so much that I want to say, but struggling to put it on paper.  I have so many emotions swirling around.  This … Continue reading


Thankful Thursday!  Imagine the possibilities.  Imagine is my favorite word, and can be found visibly in my house and in my life.  There is so much hope that is conveyed in this single word….like John Lennon’s famous song ‘Imagine’.  The official … Continue reading