Live On, Give On with a $100 VISA Giveaway


This post is all about “Making a Difference”……     ………and encouraging you to do the same! Have you ever had moments in your life; questioning the injustice of what is happening to you OR a family member? I know that … Continue reading

#SpreadCheer with Easy Holiday Treats and a Giveaway!

#SpreadCheer this Holiday Season with Betty Crocker cookie mixes

As we enter the Holiday Season, I am going to give you all a challenge! I can already hear your mind spinning, putting on the breaks, and even closing out the browser! I know….I know…..who wants a challenge when the … Continue reading

Italian Sausage Pasta Bake and Giveaway!

Italian Sausage and Pasta Bake

Bertolli Riserva allows us all to create gourmet meals in a fraction of the time!  Join me in making this classic Italian dish.  Italian Sausage Pasta Bake is simple, easy and very satisfying! Sometimes life is chaotic…. …..and sometimes we … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Printable using Graphic Stock {plus a Giveaway}

Graphic Stock Free Images

If you are anything like me, then you love a good printable! Especially when it has an awesome background, cute design and more importantly…..a message that hits close to home personally. I often wondered where these very creative people were … Continue reading

The Paint Brush Cover Giveaway!!

Paint Cover Giveaway

**This giveaway is over.  Congratulations to Tammi and Robin! With all the painting I have been doing lately, I thought I would tell you about a handy dandy tool…..the Paint Brush Cover! Not only do I want to talk about … Continue reading

Easy Canvas Prints + {Giveaway}

Easy Canvas Prints

If you know anything about me, then you know that I love pictures.  As soon as you walk into my house, you see them everywhere…. on the wall, on tabletops, pinned to bulletin boards, and even tucked into the bookcases.  … Continue reading

Country Living Fair + {Ticket Giveaway}

Country Living Fair

**  Update:  This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to Tammi for winning these fantastic tickets.  She is going to have so much fun with the ‘date’ of her choice!  Let me know all the great details of your trip!!  ** … Continue reading

From Me to You {Paying it Forward & Giveaway}

From Me to You!

Paying it Forward Presents


When I saw Ginger’s post the other day, I was instantly excited (plus I won….yeah me)!   I’ll be honest, I love gifts……. especially surprises!   Even more so, I love giving gifts.   Finding the perfect gift for someone, can brighten any day.  It’s that secret smile you feel when you know you have hit pay dirt and can’t wait for that special person to open it!

So what’s more fun than receiving a gift and then having a chance to pay it forward?  I love games, and Fall is the perfect time to play one!Paying it Forward

HERE IS HOW IT WORKS:  I give a gift to 3 people, and those 3 people give a gift to 3 more people……and so on and so on…that is 12 people being touched by this single blog post.  WOO HOO!  The first three people to comment on this post will receive a gift from me. It may be something that I am drooling over and wish to share with others, something to wear, something to eat or maybe just something I love! Whatever it is, it will get special thought and care just for you!

The fine print:
■Within a year (it’ll be sooner than later, I love to cross things off my to-do list), I’ll create something unique to share with the first three people to comment on this post.
■But, in order to receive your present you have to play along. Spread the love on your own blog promising to send a little special something to the first three people who comment on your post.
■You get 72 hours to re-post, or I’ll have to move on to the next person.

These are the rules set forth by somebody somewhere back in the links of links of links.  They are what they are, they are straight forward and simple so don’t even bother trying to change them.

Seems like fun, right???   Want to play along?   When commenting, please make sure I have a way of getting ahold of you.  If not, the old saying stands true….you snooze you lose!

Good luck!