Hardwood Floors Revealed!

Hardwood Floors

I am finally ready to give you a glimpse into our new hardwood floors. Or should I say….I am tired of getting ambushed from friends afar so I thought I better hurry up so that they can see the color. … Continue reading

In the Spotlight: Joyce

In the Spotlight

I love it when my tiny slice of the web universe inspires someone to take action! Many of you ask questions thru the post comments….keep them coming…..I love hearing from you all!!!  Some of you take it a step further … Continue reading

New Foyer Light Fixture

ReStore Habitat Store

Almost 2 months after finding this beauty it has finally been installed in our foyer!!   LOL….that is the text that my Mom received at the end of August! I was pumped after making my first trip to the ReStore in … Continue reading

Inspiration for the: Foyer


The ball has started rolling for our foyer and staircase and PT is already sweating a few bullets.  =) I have been stockpiling all of my ideas, showing them to the family…..getting lots of blank stares and a just a … Continue reading