Creating Art with License Plates

Hey all! 

I have such a fun project to share with you today!

It is going to make you wish that you moved around alot……..

………AND kept all of the license plates with each house you packed up!

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I traveled South to visit my sister and her gorgeous pup Onyx over MLK weekend.  Not only did she want us to paint her kitchen cabinets (which I will talk about in a future post), but she wanted to repurpose a large piece of artwork that no longer had any meaning for her!

License plate artwork

The open space measures 24″x48″, which she spray painted black.  If you don’t have a spare piece of artwork to repurpose……

………who doesn’t have spare boards and artwork just laying around….  😉

then you can create this by purchasing a 1/2″ sheet of plywood, and framing it out with stained (and roughened up) pieces of 1×4 pine boards. 

I initially said we could do a simple quote, and have it printed out as an engineered print at the local copy shop.  Something similar to this, and this…….but one simple quote! 

As I was working it up on the computer, she pulled open her hall closet and brought out a ton of license plates and flat out said, “can we do something with these”?


Yes…….Yes we can!

Using license plates in your home decor!

I was in shock at how many plates she had! There are 2 stacks of them over on the left (even though only 1 is peaking thru)….

Then I started to piece her life together, one move after the other, and it all came together. 

Until they found there way to Tennessee, I think they moved every two years.  I am definitely not jealous of all of that packing, unpacking and getting kids settled in new schools and surroundings, but I am a little green over all of the license plates…….

What a great way to use license plates as artwork.

We played around with the layout, overlapping some……keeping others in full view, and finally called it perfect!

You all know my love of subway art, and having these plates positioned vertically aaanndd horizontally just makes me happy!

We were hoping to use the original holes for the screws, but the diameter of the heads were too small.


At this point in time my nephew came around and we made short work with him making a pilot hole through the plates, and me sinking the screws in.  Since the plywood is only 1/2″ thick, we used 1/2″ screws.  If you use only 1/4″ plywood, just adjust your screw size accordingly.

Using license plates in your home decor

What a cool way to display the travels and journey of your life!  

I laughed when she said that I could make one of these for my home! 

No I can’t……..

I have basically moved once in my life…….from Indiana to Ohio, and in Ohio you can keep the same plate for as long as you want, and swap them from an old car to a new car! 

But I sure do wish I had saved those 2 Indiana plates!  😉

What a story these license plates could tell you…..

…….if only they could talk!