Snoopy Tree {A Few of My Favorite Things}

I cannot believe that Christmas is next week!

So not ready!

But do any of us ever feel totally ready?

We strive for perfection, only to feel let down and disappointed when things don’t go exactly as we planned and hoped for!

Like I said over here, I am totally throwing out “my” idea of perfection, and just going with the relaxed, content feeling of being around the men in my life.

Family is what Christmas is all about, not all of the greenery and glitter……

    ……although, the greenery and glitter is really pretty! 😉

I still need to purchase presents, but I do have a tree up.  Woo Hoo!!

Ceramic Snoopy Ornaments
I would have to say that out of all of our Christmas decorations, my Snoopy Tree is my all-time (non-religious) favorite!

For those that don’t know me very well…..I am a little Snoopy crazy!
Ceramic Snoopy OrnamentsI don’t know how it started, but I do remember walking into our family room as a child and being thrilled that a large Snoopy was sitting next to the tree with a festive sweater and hat.  I can’t tell you anything else I received that day…..I was so over the moon happy with that stuffed dog!

Then my Mom started gifting me with a ceramic Snoopy ornament every year.  

I have no idea why she stopped buying them, as they are my most treasured items from my youth. 🙁
Ceramic Snoopy OrnamentsShe might have stopped when I headed off to college…..

     ………..thinking I was too old with what some may call a childish collection.

I may only have 11 of the original 12 (loooooonnnnnnggggg story involving my husband dropping one of them, me shedding a few a lot of tears; and he may even have received the silent treatment for a few days), but the originals are loved and treasured to this very day!

With each ornament unwrapped and placed on the tree, not only does my youth get revisited, but excitement starts to build for the upcoming holiday.

This tree has definitely transitioned over the years…..
Ceramic Snoopy Ornaments
  …….starting with a Charlie Brown tree, which was literally drooping under the weight of the ornaments.

Although my Mom may have stopped buying me these ornaments, if I spotted one….. two……
Ceramic Snoopy Ornaments    
     …..okay…. maybe three that caught my eye, I would buy them!

It wasn’t every year, but if an ornament “spoke” to me, then I definitely listened by purchasing it! 😉

And the tree drooped even more!!

Mom must have gotten the hint that I was still on the Snoopy craze, as she surprised me a few years back with three pewter ornaments. 

Snoopy Ornaments
This was when I no longer trusted the Charlie Brown tree to support and cradle my beloved ornaments.  I bit the bullet and purchased a new tree a few years back. 

Ceramic Snoopy Ornaments

I bought this one (about 4 1/2 feet tall) from Hobby Lobby when it was 50% off.  It is pre-lit with white lights, and even has faux snow on it.  Not what I would normally choose (the snow….not the lights… the lights), but I thought it would be perfect for the “Snoop Dogs”!!

Snoopy Christmas Stocking

I can’t have a Snoopy tree without also having a Snoopy stocking….

               ….can I?  LOL! 😉

I don’t know when my Mom made this stocking, but I think it was when I was in high school. 

Rudy has the great honor of having it as his stocking now. 

Hopefully he appreciates her handiwork!!


Now for the big question. 

With Snoopy making a comeback……. he did have a new movie out this year… you think my Mom will be on the hunt for some unique ornaments to give me this Christmas? 

I hope so!! 

Hint, Hint Mom!! 😉

Ceramic Snoopy Ornaments

What are some of your favorite ornaments OR Christmas decorations?  Why are they so special to you?


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