Using Mineral Spirits to Age Furniture

I hope you all had a good weekend! 

We had amazing weather here in Southwest Ohio…..  So good, that I decided to paint over the olive green walls in our den.

Was supposed to be cleaning out the garage, but got a little distracted! LOL!!!  😉

Do you remember that chest that I found at the Kenwood Goodwill store?  If you don’t, head on over HERE to get caught up!

Tips and tricks when painting Goodwill, or thrift store, furniture

As this was going into our bedroom, I was wanting that rich patina finish that you can usually only achieve by paying mucho $$$$$’s at a high end furniture store.   OR…… you can continue reading to learn how I get it done with a little stain and mineral spirits! 

Yep, mineral spirits!!! 

The same stuff that I use to clean dried on paint brushes……  some use it as a paint thinner, others use it as a degreaser, it is also great to remove those pesky “sticky” stickers off your new glassware….. also can leave you with a beautiful piece of furniture! 😉

Painting furniture with chalk paint

Remember, I started with a creamy white…..

Using mineral spirits to age furniture

Painted the edges and trim with a light tan, followed by the entire chest being painted in a beautiful cape cod blue.

**No picture of this……just close your eyes and think light, coastal blue that makes you crave walking along the shoreline letting the waves envelope your ankles with each passing tide.

See it?

Now see this…….

Using mineral spirits to age furniture

………resulting in this!!!

Using mineral spirits to age furniture


How to age furniture with mineral spirits

……..into this!

Using mineral spirits to age furniture

I love how all of the colors and tones drift into one another!

Using mineral spirits to age furniture

Yes, the top of this chest is as buttery smooth as it looks. 

Using mineral spirits to age furniture

I figured out the wonders of mineral spirits many moons ago when I was reworking PT’s dresser from his childhood.  Now that I look at it, it very nearly is the same color of blue.  Almost!!

I was out of the Valspar Antiquing Glaze, and figured that I would just brush on some stain, wait a few minutes and then wipe it off! 

One small problem.  It was drying lickety split, tacky as all get out, and not letting me wipe any of it off.  

I tell you, I was just about ready to slump against the wall and cry.  Either that or throw something! 

Then again, I have never been a thrower of things when mad or upset.  I much prefer pacing with a few tears sprinkled in!  😉

In my attempt to salvage it and get back to “square 1”, I dampened a rag with mineral spirits and started to wipe down the stain.  In my attempts to wipe it off, I realized that it not only was coming off, but with each turn of the rag, I was pushing and blending the stain in with the paint.  The end result was a rich blend of blue with the aged, timeless look of your parents furniture. 

Now this (accidental) technique to age and antique furniture is one of my all time favorites!

Tips and tricks when painting Goodwill, or thrift store, furniture

What fabulous tips and tricks have you picked up from pacing (with or without the tears  😉 ) the floors??



Using mineral spirits to age furniture