Blueberry Overnight Oatmeal

I don’t know about you, but I have had a problem eating breakfast since my college days at Purdue.  Back then my breakfast included a can of Diet Mt. Dew or Diet Pepsi….. maybe even two cans if it had been a late evening!!

My standard breakfast these days involve 2 travel size mugs of coffee with a packet of stevia and some flavored creamer.  Swapped out the soda for coffee!!!!  {{UGH}}

I know I am not alone in drinking my breakfast!!

blueberry oatmealEven though my brain tells me that breakfast is the only way to start a day….for a “healthier” metabolism and for increased energy……I struggle with the concept on a DAILY basis.  I am just not hungry in the mornings, AND I am usually racing around getting ready for work ……mainly because my comfy bed keeps me imprisoned for just a little too long!  😉

This year I am getting myself back on the wagon!  I was doing a bang up job a few years ago, but this past year I took a nose dive off that wagon and gravitated back to some very old/bad habits.

overnight oatmealWhat am I doing to get back on that wagon?

I am planning each week in advance instead of waiting until the morning rush to figure things out.  Not only am I trying to plan out the breakfasts, but also our dinners.  I am hoping that this will alleviate my angst when I walk in the door after 5 each night!  PT is even helping in the dinner planning.  😉    If everything works out according to my plan, I may even start a new menu series on the blog.  Don’t hold your breath on that one……but it is a grand idea and goal for myself.

overnight oatmealThis is where overnight oatmeal comes into play.  Have you heard about it?  It has been around FOR.E.V.E.R!!!  You are basically adding in your ingredients the night before, throwing it into the refrigerator (not literally) while you sleep, only to pull it out the next morning for breakfast.  How easy is that?  You can eat it cold, or throw it in the microwave for a minute to take the chill off.   I personally think eating it chilled will be perfect in the summer months, but in these freezing temperatures we are enduring I need to warm mine up a bit.

blueberry oatmealThis Blueberry Overnight Oatmeal is my first attempt and I have to say “I am LOVING it”.  I had to play around with the liquid to oats ratio to get it to my personal preference, but if you are an oatmeal fan, then this overnight oatmeal will be right up your alley.  I plan on using this basic recipe and swapping out the blueberries for some of my other favorite ingredients like pumpkin, peanut butter and brown sugar/maple syrup.  In the meantime, I will enjoy putting together these blueberry oatmeal containers together after dinner, and grabbing it before heading out to work.

There you go; I have just created a perfect “Grab and Go” meal idea.

I love this idea!!  Definitely not an original, but let me think that I created it….even for a nano second 😉

Who did conceive the Grab and Go concept?  Anyone? 

I am thinking McDonald’s, but I can’t swear to it.

I hope you love this Blueberry Overnight Oatmeal as much as I do!!

What do you do to make eating breakfast a priority?  Any ideas or recipes are most welcome!!

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Blueberry Overnight Oatmeal
This super easy and versatile blueberry overnight oatmeal recipe will take the hassle out of your crazy mornings. The perfect "grab and go" breakfast!!
Serves: 1
  • ½ cup rolled oats (if you prefer creamier oatmeal use quick cooking oats)
  • ¾ cup unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
  • ½ tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp honey (or substitute 1 packet of stevia)
  • ½ cup blueberries
  • Topping (optional): additional blueberries, slivered almonds, chia seeds, flax meal
  1. In an individual food container (I like to use glass canning jars), add in all ingredients except for the blueberries. Put the lid on and give the jar a few shakes. Gently stir in the blueberries and refrigerate overnight.
  2. In the morning, stir the mixture and add in any optional toppings. If you prefer your oatmeal warm then microwave it for a minute or two.

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