Top 12 Posts of 2014

Are you ready for 2015?  Have you made lots and lots of New Year’s Resolution’s? 

Should I ask if you have already broken a few of them yet? 😉

Our last week of 2014 did not go according to my master plan, so you are getting this post a few days late.  Now that I think about it, I didn’t get the chance to  post some of my last minute gift ideas AND the fab fru fru wreath I made for Christmas…..totally stepping outside my tight box!  {SIGH}

Maybe I should be happy that I am now a few steps ahead for the 2015 Holiday season!!! 😉

With all that happened at the end of 2014, I have not had a chance to sit down and reflect over the year, and to plan my goals (resolutions) for 2015.  I am hoping this upcoming weekend will be the perfect opportunity……

Top posts of 2014

As I do not know how I want 2015 to unfold, I thought it would be fun to look back and see what YOUR favorite posts were for 2014.  Some were a surprise, as they are older posts created in 2012 and 2013; others I couldn’t have agreed more…… as they were my favorites too!

My DIY Dog Gate using an open backed picture frame is still one of my favorite projects for our house, and I am so glad that you like it too!!  Not only does it make me smile every time I see it, but it really does keep Rudy out of the dining room (as long as I actually latch the door)!

DIY Dog Gate-Dog Gates
Juices and Smoothie recipes continue to be favorites with everyone!  I am so glad that you like this Curvy Carrot Juice, as it is not only good for you, but very TASTY!

Carrot Juice-Orange Apple Juice
Slightly ahead of the Curvy Carrot is the Layered Tropical Smoothie……

Fruit Smoothie-Easy smoothie recipe

This pizza crust takes a little bit of time to make, but well worth the effort.  If you are looking for a no carb alternative to pizza dough, look no further than this Cauliflower Pizza Crust… may not ever go back to the traditional “bread” crust!

Cauliflower Pizza Crust-no carb pizza crust
Many of you are looking for a special way to send your high school graduates off to school or into their new chapter in life!  I am honored that you are looking at my “Letter to my College Bound Son” as your potential guide!  Very sad that I will be writing a similar letter to K in 2016….

letter to high school graduate
Another smoothie is up; this time the energy packed Matcha Green Tea Smoothie.

Tempting Thyme Matcha Green Smoothie
I am not surprised that this Pepperoni Bubble Bread {aka Monkey Bread} is so popular with you all!  It is quick and easy, and will make kids……and adults…..very happy when you serve it for lunch or dinner!

Pepperoni Pizza Monkey Bread
Cake Batter Puppy Chow Mix…….. I don’t think that I need to say anything more!!!!!!

Cake Batter Chex Mix
My biggest project of 2014 has inspired so many of you to take action on your own carpeted stairs.  I have been deeply touched to receive so many emails asking for guidance and questions galore.  Thank you for inviting me into your homes as you tackle your own stair projects!

I broke my stairs into a couple of different blog posts:

Stair Project Begins:  Removing the Carpet and Prepping the Wood
Staining Pine Stair Treads
Heading on Up: Installing New Stair Risers
Refinishing stair treads
You are obviously my “twin” and have the exact same sweet tooth as me!  Brownie Batter Truffles was the most popular recipe of 2014…..

Brownie Batter Truffles
With more and more people sharing their photos via social media, it is more important than ever to place a Watermark on your photos.  I am so happy that you have been coming to my tutorial, How to Create a Transparent Watermark, to learn how to protect your photos and to create your own!!

Tempting Thyme DIY Blog Design
We are finally down to the #1 view post! 

More and more of you are looking into creating your own inexpensive artwork.  Not only does it make it more personal…..but it allows us all to change it up without feeling the HUGE guilt for doing so. 

Subway Art is so popular these days, so it is no surprise to me that my tutorial “How to make Subway Art using Picmonkey” was your favorite post!!!!!

Subway Art-DIY subway art
Now that I have shown you the top 12 posts of 2014, do you want to know what the most “pinned” post was? 

HA….even if you don’t want to know, you are about ready to see it anyway!!! 

I just had a thought that some of you may not know what “pinned” is.  When I was in Junior High our boyfriends would “pin” the girls when they decided that they would be exclusive boyfriend/girlfriend.  These days “pinned” means a photo was pinned to a board onto Pinterest.  Pinterest is a great way to organize your projects and recipes…….and keeps a person dreaming.  Some would say I dream a little too much, and need to reign it in a little!! 😉

My most pinned post was my Easy No-Sew Burlap Shower Curtain!

Burlap Shower Curtain

Now to go one step further (I promise this is the last) ……… the post that was “shared” the most over ALL social media outlets was the tutorial on Framing a Bathroom Mirror.

Who knew that there were a lot of people who had boring, builder grade bathroom mirrors!!!

framing a bathroom mirror
Thank you for following along with Tempting Thyme……  I look forward to many more home projects in 2015, and to getting back into the kitchen and creating decadent…..and healthy recipes!!

                                      All the best,  Shaunna

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