Crush the Cup with Cameron’s Coffee

There is no getting around it, I love my coffee! 

I actually look forward to it as I am getting ready for bed.  Too much information….. and I little strange, I know ….. but I am telling you even the smell of it brewing can bring a smile to my face!

Let’s not forget that I also crave it, as it gives me the jolt of caffeine that I so desperately need to get my rear moving in the mornings!!! 😉

Single Serve Coffee Filters-Best coffee for Kuerig machines

I am always in a hurry during the work week, having a cup while getting ready, and then another once I have actually arrived at work.  Doesn’t it seem like we are always racing during the week, and the coffee is out of necessity….. not relaxation??

I love the weekends when I can brew my single serve cup, relaxing with a good book or just sitting in the peace and quiet before getting the day rolling.  I tend to still get up early, creeping around…..afraid of waking my family 😉 …..just so that I can start the day with a relaxing cup of coffee!  It helps ‘center’ my Saturday and Sunday!!  Know what I mean??

I didn’t used to drink coffee, preferring a Diet Mountain Dew….but somewhere along the line I grew up and graduated to the big girl drink!

A few years ago I splurged on one of the single serve coffee machines.  I hated paying the price, but a sale and a coupon softened the blow.  As I was the only one that drank coffee at the time, I didn’t like making a full pot only to have 1/2 of it end up down the drain.  The single serve solution was perfect for me. 

The only thing I didn’t like about the single serve concept is the plastic cups the coffee is being held and brewed in. It felt wasteful and irresponsible every time I threw one away.  Our landfill is probably riddled with these little cups!

I even started dreaming up ways to use them in craft projects!!

My brain could never conceive a proper idea though!  BUMMER!

Totally on accident I came across Cameron’s Coffee.

Seriously…. I grabbed the wrong box off the shelves and didn’t realize it until I was putting the groceries away.  I opened it up and was not only shocked to smell the fantastic coffee aroma (you never smell the coffee from the plastic containers), but it featured a soft-bottom filter instead of a plastic cup!

#CrushtheCup-Best single serve coffee pod

Once I made sure that it would actually fit in my Kuerig, I was anxious to give it a try {was not going to happen at 9:oo at night}!

Cameron's Coffee Filtered Single Serve-Crush the Cups

I was not disappointed the next morning!  The intense french flavor is just that….INTENSE!   Dark…..Bold…..and if you can call coffee HEARTY I would do just that!

Crush the Cups-Cameron's Filtered Single Serve Coffee

To put it in a nutshell, Cameron’s Coffee not only offers me the convenience of single serve coffee, but by brewing it through a coffee filter I avoid the BPA and Polystyrene that is in the plastic cups, I am sending less plastic waste to our landfills, and I can enjoy a cup of coffee without the whole burnt-plastic aftertaste!

Did I tell you about the aroma when you open up the pouches the filtered pods are stored in?  Heavenly!!

Cameron's Coffee-#CrushtheCup-Single Serve Coffee Filters

I swear to God that sometimes the stars align……and you really do have to listen to the signs around you!  The day after I bought Cameron’s Coffee on accident I received an email asking if I wanted to participate in their “Crush the Cups” campaign.  See what I mean by the stars and signs?????

As I had already had two cups of their Intense French flavor that morning…..and LOVED IT…..I immediately said yes. 

I went out and bought a different flavor to verify my original opinion!  The Donut Shop blend is a little milder, but just as good!

Cameron's Coffee-Single Serve Filtered CoffeeTo help promote the unique blend of Cameron’s Coffee 12 premium flavors, which is 100% Arabica, we are encouraging you to make a video crushing the plastic cups of other single serve coffee brands. 

By “Crushing the Cup” we are telling the competitors that the plastic cups are so out of fashion, and that we should all be using soft-bottom filters for our single serve coffee pods.  Not only does the coffee taste better, but we are being nicer to our environment, and to our own health!!

To help promote their initiative I made a video crushing the existing plastic coffee cups that I still had on hand!  Please be kind as this is the first video I have ever attempted!! 😉

I encourage you to make your own video……doing whatever you want….. to crush the plastic cups!  Can be as simple, or as creative, as you want.  Upload them to Cameron’s #CrushtheCups website, and you will automatically receive a FREE box of Cameron’s Filtered Single Serve coffee. 

A FREE box of coffee just for uploading your video to their site!  Can’t beat that!!

I will also tell you that Cameron’s Coffee is going to pick 1 video and the winner will receive a trip to Hawaii!!

Did you read that?  The best video (according to Cameron’s Coffee) will win a trip to HAWAII!  Woo Hoo!!!! 

I hope you win!! 

What am I saying, I hope I win! 😉

Single Serve Coffee Filters-Best coffee for Kuerig machines

Not technically savvy?   Get your kids to film it for you!  They could probably have it done within a few minutes! 

Want to learn more?  Go on over to their website, Cameron’s Coffee, to get the rest of the details AND to upload your video!!  Deadline to upload your video is December 22……so hurry it on up and make one!  I want to see what you have come up with to #CrushtheCups !


Disclosure:  I want to thank Cameron’s Coffee for inviting me to be a part of this amazing campaign, AND for bringing all of us a single serve coffee pod that is environmentally friendly!  Of course my opinions are 100% mine!