Love You More {DIY Sharpie Pillow}

This time of year is a mixed bag of emotions…..we are all complaining that summer is over and how fast it went by, but we are also doing a little happy dance as our children are heading back to school!

Don’t deny it; I know you are doing the same little jig that I am! 😉

I think we all like routines!  We may not enjoy all the hand holding for homework, and running back and forth from sporting and club events, but we crave the routine/schedule that the school year brings to us.

DIY Sharpie Pillow

B left this weekend to begin his sophomore year at Toledo, and rather than do another letter to him (you can read about it here), I wanted to do something that he could see on a daily basis.  Like many of you, we like to say “I love you more” when the other expresses love.  Oftentimes it leads into a fun little banter of who loves who more.    I almost always win when I throw out that I carried him for 9 months, and that gives me a few extra bonus points.  No one can argue that one, right?

After seeing a picture of my nieces’ pillow with the simple verbiage “Love You More”, I knew what I would be sending back with him.  Every time he goes to bed, he will know that I am thinking of him.  LOVE IT!!

diy sharpie pillow

As I have an aversion to the sewing machine (unless I am absolutely desperate), I bought a canvas 18×18 pillow shell at Hobby Lobby for $2.99, and started working on the lettering.  BTW…… I used a 40% coupon to get that $2.99 price.  If you have a smart phone, you can just pull up the coupon on your phone….no need to print anything out.  😉

Too bad my handwriting sucks, I would have just written it out! LOL!

diy sharpie pillow

Instead, I did the fool-proof method of printing out really large letters, cutting them out, and then tracing around them with a pencil.  I am sure there are easier ways of transferring the letters to the fabric, but in the short time around that I had, I couldn’t think of any!!

I originally wanted to paint the letters with craft paint, but after staring at the Sharpies on my desk one day, I thought “what the hell”…… I would take the chance.  So glad I did, as it gives the pillow a little bit of a vintage look versus perfectly polished.  My words not being perfectly centered also helps achieve that scuffed up look.  Just saying!

After I filled in the letters with a black sharpie, I thought it was a little lacking.  I solved the issue by getting out a ruler and just adding in some black lines.  The lines were supposed to be thick … thin … thick, but I screwed up on the bottom and it ended up thin … thick … thin.  Oh well, I just followed suit on the back with the same pattern.  He probably won’t even notice!

diy sharpie pillow

I couldn’t resist flipping the pillow over and adding in the words, “I win”!  Hopefully that settles the ongoing dispute! 😉

diy sharpie pillow

I wish I could be a fly on the wall when he unloads his garbage bag full of bedding this afternoon.  Maybe my spies will have to fill me in!!

Have you ever used Sharpie’s in a decorating project?  Love it….hate it?

                                  Have a great week,


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  1. Love it! I will be making this for my little girls, except I will probably do the Love You More on both sides and I will add in some pink, as that is there favorite color! =)

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