25 Tempting Potting Benches + {Hometalk Curated Board}

You all know that I am knee-deep in house projects, and absolutely love the new tools that I received for my birthday! Thank you PT, B, K and Rudy…..you are awesome!!

Can I also say that I am over the moon happy that my most recent project {DIY Potting Bench} caught the eye of the fabulous people at Hometalk, and wait for it………they asked if I would be interested in curating a special board for them!  Hello, am I interested??

Um, yes….yes….YES!

I may have even done a happy dance!  Ha!  I love doing the happy dance!!  😉

Are you familiar with Hometalk?    It is AMAZING!  It is sort of like Pinterest, but ONLY for home and garden ideas.  Absolutely no food and recipes allowed!  Not that I have anything against food, but sometimes it is easier scrolling thru projects and ideas that just focus on the home front.   Anyone can post projects….. homeowners, bloggers, contractors and designers.  Want to know the best part?  Not only can you scroll thru some fabulous projects, but you can communicate with everyone as well!  You are giving/getting feedback from some of the best, and you are also able to ask questions and solicit solutions!

If you love DIY projects, set aside some time……it can be really addicting!  😉

I clipped 25 very tempting {creative} potting benches…….yes, I even included my own!!  I chose them for a number of reasons.  Some because they were dang out cute, others because they were created with ‘leftover’ items that were reclaimed from the dumpster, and even more because I could easily see them hanging around in my backyard!

Here are just a few of my favorites……

Potting BenchesSource:  25 Tempting {Creative} Potting Benches

SAS InteriorsSource:  25 Tempting {Creative} Potting Benches

and take a look at this one using an old sink……

DIY Potting BenchSource:  25 Tempting {Creative} Potting Benches

You can click on the graphic below to be taken straight to my Hometalk board where you can go to each individual website for more information on your favorite potting bench!!

DIY Potting BenchIf you haven’t checked it out yet, head on over there……. 25 Tempting {Creative} Potting Benches

Pssst…….. don’t forget to follow me while you are there!!! 😉

Are you on Hometalk?  What is your favorite thing about it?



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2 thoughts on “25 Tempting Potting Benches + {Hometalk Curated Board}

  1. I love these potting benches! Shaunna I never liked gardening at least when I was on my 20’s and single LOL. Now every time I try to plant something it never grows. I am a disaster, and in a few months I will finally have my house build and it will come with a nice garden, but how I’m going to take care of it? I love your pictures and the potting bench, if I get lucky when I move to Florida to plant something that grows I will definitely ask my husband to make one for me 🙂

    Remy recently posted…The Art Serie I from Jose Colon, M.D., MPH at Paradise SleepMy Profile

    • Thanks Remy! I have a hard time with plants as well, and tend to stick with the ones that are full proof. Roses and I just do not mix…LOL! Good luck with the move….. =)

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