Monday Motivation: The Key to Success

If you haven’t noticed…..I love quotes!

I surround myself with them, just another piece of clothing that is vital to my day.  They lift me up, challenge me and occasionally they even make me cry.  Inspiration that all of our souls need these days …… considering that so much of social media wants to break our spirits down!

The Key to Success Quote
I found this quote by Ed Sheeran a few years ago, and instantly wondered where it had been all my life.  Like many of you, I am was a people pleaser…..wanting everyone to like me, looking out for others, considering their feelings, avoiding confrontation like the plague……with the end result often being that I was a total basket case; making myself ill.

Enough already!

I am not going to please everyone, nor do I even want to try anymore.  Some people aren’t even worth the time and effort.  Nothing you do or say will ever be right.  These people are the same ones that literally suck the life out of you!   You know who they are! 😉

I have not perfected this yet ….. definitely a work in progress …… but I have made great strides!!

Do you agree with this quote?