Black Front Door {Foyer}

Do you ever feel like you are trying to open a door (front door), but the handle keeps on spinning, trapping you inside?

This is how I feel with our foyer project!  Things are definitely spinning, but nothing much is getting done!  If you have no idea what I am talking about you can get caught up to speed fairly quickly over here and here.   

Entry Way
I must be trying to fool myself when I say ‘our’ foyer project!  There is no ‘we’ in this project, as I am the only one who wants it done!  PT thinks our house is just fine and I should leave well enough alone.   =(


To carry this forward even more, he wonders with all these projects, why we aren’t just selling the house and building one to our (my) specific wants and needs.  Hmmm….that is a great idea in theory, but I think he is missing the point that I am trying to challenge myself, work and learn on this house.  Once I tackle this one, we might just sell it and start fresh so that I can do it all over again. 

I am positive he won’t like that answer.  If you have ever met PT, you are shaking your head in agreement!  {Sigh}


As I am on a temporary halt with the stairs and newel posts (hopefully he will see my vision soon) I thought I would crank out a simple project that cost nada.  One that could get completed in an afternoon…..  the front door!

Black Front Door
I already showed you a couple of my inspiration doors over here,but as a new one is not in the budget yet, I thought I would quickly freshen it up with a coat of paint.  Paint is the perfect solution, as I still need to come to terms with having a front door with bigger windows.  Most of our friends come through the garage door, so the only people we get ringing our doorbell are the solicitor kind.  If I have a bigger window they might be able to see me hiding from them!! Seriously…….   God forbid, they see that I am actually home!  😉

Black Front Door
I am in love with this black door!  I was nervous as all get out when the first panel was done….. but I am loving it now.

Black Front Door
The best part is that it was technically free as I already had the paint leftover from this project.  I do think that we are going to have to put a small lamp on the red table though.  It is kind of creepy at night to be sitting on the couch and seeing a dark area where the door should be. 

Black Front Door
I can’t tell you how many times we have thought the front door was left open.  LOL!  I am just about positive I have a small little lamp in our storage room that I can haul out to create accent lighting in the foyer at night.  If nothing else it can act as a nightlight.  I have to laugh, as my middle sister used to tell me all the time that I needed to “leave a light on” for PT when he came home late at night.  Anyone get her drift?  =)

Black Front Door
I know that the boys are still undecided about the color, but I think the black makes all the difference in this small foyer.  Truly pops, don’t you think?  Did anyone notice that I finally got the ice skate Christmas arrangement off of the closet door?  LOL!  Finally took the holiday wreath off the front porch this week also.  I have no excuse….none at all!

Black Front Door
I look forward to getting the rest of the foyer going, but in the meantime, I am really happy with the front door.  I don’t even think that it was part of my Goals this year, but really glad I took the plunge.  You want to know the best thing about paint?  If you don’t like it, all you have wasted is possibly $20-$30 and your time!

What do you think?  Better or worse than the white door? 

What color is your front door?  Are you loving it or ready to swap it out for something different?


6 thoughts on “Black Front Door {Foyer}

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  3. For the record, it is a candle in the window. Not a lamp by the door. Best of luck to everyone on their projects this weekend. I will try to stay out of way. Hate this time of year when there are no hockey tournaments to hide behind.

  4. Definitely looooove the black door! Your rug has black in it and I think it ties it in wonderfully! Of course, I’m still too chicken as of yet to take the black door plunge! I haven’t seen any instance yet where I didn’t like it on someone else’s door, yet I still am not brave enough to do it. My goal is to build up my nerves and paint our foyer door black inside, and also to paint the garage-to-kitchen door black on both sides. You’re right — it’s only a little bit of time and paint if you don’t like it…and you could love it!

    • I would like to do my garage door leading into the mudroom also. Why don’t you tape a black garbage bag up for a few days and see how you like it?

  5. At first I wondered what you were thinking and then remembered that the inside of our front door is stained. I like it especially with the rooster rug!

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