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If you know anything about me, then you know that I love pictures.  As soon as you walk into my house, you see them everywhere…. on the wall, on tabletops, pinned to bulletin boards, and even tucked into the bookcases.  They are by far my favorite way to personalize a space and our home!

For all the pictures that I have displayed, not one of them is a canvas.  Can you believe that?  I had to walk around the house to confirm this little tidbit.  Except for the ones clipped to the Upcycled Crib Mattress, all of them were in decorative frames.  =(

Easy Canvas Prints changed all of this, and I have a feeling that there will be a number of canvases in our house by the end of the year.  When I learned about this online company from a friend, I was all over their products and couldn’t wait to upload a picture and get started.

Photo canvas

This picture is near and dear to my heart, as it was the last time B and K played hockey together.  I love the fact that they stayed next to each other when it was not their shift on the ice {woo hoo….I still smile over the fact that they were on the same line all year loooong}.  They later told me that they didn’t realize they were doing it; they just naturally gravitated to one another.  So proud of them!

Photo canvas

This photo is my screen saver at work, and a co-worker would repeatedly tell me that I need to blow it up and put it on my wall.  I agreed with her,  but never got it done.  =( Until Easy Canvas Prints found their way onto my computer that is!  LOL!

Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints makes it very easy to order a canvas online.  Once I uploaded my image, I was able to crop it, shift the photo around a little to center it up, try out the different borders and preview everything before hitting the submit button.

Easy Canvas PrintsEvery step of the way I was happy with their attention to detail.  You have the option of  either a 3/4 inch depth, or an even beefier 1 1/2 inch depth.  I love the different options for wrapping it.  I went with the full wrap as I wanted the jerseys to go off the sides of the canvas…..

Easy Canvas Print

I was a little unsure how the mirrored image would look, and I did not want the flat color (although I could have chosen the color of my walls).  Still happy I chose the wrapped effect!  If I was a little more adventurous, I would have tried out the black and white effect or even the sepia, but I really wanted the red jerseys to ‘pop’ off the canvas.  I think I got my wish!!!!  I was truly happy with the attention to detail every step of the way.  Customization to the MAX!

Where do I have the print hanging?

Easy Canvas Print

It is in the back hallway in our mudroom gallery.  This is not where it will eventually reside, but I do love seeing it as soon as I walk in from work everyday.  I will eventually hang it up on the stairwell wall, but it is about ready to be torn apart when I tear up all the carpeting and strip the banisters.  This canvas is much better off on the back wall leading to our garage……at least for now!  Plus, it is in great company with all the art projects the boys completed during their elementary days.  Colors totally don’t mesh, but this grouping makes me smile! 

Photo canvas

Do we have something else in common?  Do you think canvases tend to be on the pricey side?  I was very happy to learn that Easy Canvas Prints is always offering coupons and free shipping.  Here is a link that will bring you right to some current offerings ——->  Coupons!  I love a good deal, and I know you will appreciate one too!  They are also offering for the next 2 days 50% any canvas and free shipping.  If you want this as a Valentine gift, just make sure you order no later than the 5th.  Any size canvas…..50% off …… any size canvas…… free shipping.   Just link up to this special offer HERE!

Are you ready for the fun part now?

I am teaming up with Easy Canvas Prints to give one of you a FREE 8×10 photo canvasYAY!  Enter below using the Rafflecopter widget!    GOOD LUCK!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

***This is a sponsored giveaway.  I received this canvas to give it a test drive before setting up the giveaway.  This free canvas did not sway my opinions in any form or fashion.  If I didn’t like the canvas, or the quality and ease of use, I would not be holding this giveaway.

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  1. my favorite all time picture is from my wedding. My husband and I were *kissing the bride*. Our ceremony had included a ring and commitment ceremony between my husband and my 8 year old son so he was standing with us. Hubbs and I are kiss deep in the kiss, and Eli is standing in front of us, turned toward the camera, with this big *O* mouth and red cheeks! It is a hilarious photo.

    My other favorite is one my SIL took (she’s a photog) and it’s my husband’s hands holding all our rings, his, mine, kidlet’s, in this hands. 🙂 It’s GORGEOUS. And I’m SO thankful my SIL thought it up and took it. It’s precious to me and a symbol of the birth of OUR family. 🙂
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    • I love stories like yours Melle, thank you so much for sharing. Pictures can truly capture a moment in time and bring the memories to life in an instant. Don’t you think? BTW….loving your tagline ‘Between you, me and the fencepost’!

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