Use Gmail….Important Message For You!

Use Gmail? Important Message For You!

If you are a Gmail user, you have probably already noticed that there are
a few new features in your ‘ole inbox!  Let me tell you, I noticed the
change right away, and had to do some digging around for some emails
I was looking for!   {Sigh}  You all know I hate hunting around for
something that should be right in front of my face!! 

With the new rules/update, my emails will now automatically be sent to
the tab that says “promotions” instead of the “primary” tab.  To make sure
that you don’t miss any of the fun heading your way, all you will need
to do is drag this email from the promotions tab to the primary tab. 
alert will pop up, just click ”yes”, and you will be good to go.   Easy peasy,
and you will be guaranteed getting any updates and news from me without
having to hunt around for them!

If you don’t have Gmail…no problem….this does not affect you!  Yeah!

If you have Gmail, and want to read a little more about the changes you can
read all about it here.

Talk to you soon,