Graduation Announcements using {Minted}

It is so hard to believe that graduation is right around the corner.  Seventeen days and counting!

I just received the announcements in the mail and cap & gown are sitting in B’s backseat.  It feels like yesterday that I wrote this post!   Sigh! 

No getting around it……the special day is happening……with or without me.  Does anyone want to lay odds that B would in fact like me to stay home, LOL?   Do you think he might be afraid that I will embarrass him?   Slobbering/Blubbering all over him?  I would NEVER do that  might just a little, but aren’t Mom’s entitled?

Graduation Announcement

I love this announcement!  Isn’t my baby a cutie?  I saw this idea on Pinterest last summer and knew that I would be using it for B’s announcements.  I loved the idea that it showed the progression of the child, and who doesn’t like to visit the past and reminisce the sweet, cuddly years?  Those were the BEST years and I would go back in a heartbeat……I know……EVERYONE says that.  But I really do mean it! 

I created the announcement using a new company called Minted.    Ok, ok……they are new to me.  I know that you all have been around the block a time or two, and already know how FABULOUS this company is.  I am forever behind on the eight ball, and was thrilled to find them.  If you are in the same boat as me (the one who is wearing clothes from 2 seasons ago), hurry over and check Minted out.  I have made it easy and given you the link  here.

I tell you, I almost changed my mind once I started browsing thru all of their gorgeous ideas and templates.  Seriously, look at these………….

Minted Graduation AnnouncementsI was attracted to this one simply because its focus was on the face….simple….classic, which is why they call it Refined!Graduation AnnouncementsThe picture is a little distorted, but here is what it could have looked like…….

Graduation AnnouncementsThis is called Now and Then and I have to say I really wanted this in the end….
Graduation AnnouncementsNow you see why this was my favorite in the end.  Gotta love that cheeky little grin from ’96.  You will see that it is missing some of the details in the center.  Once you complete the process and add in your photos, you are able to type in the name and pick the fonts/size you desire.
Graduation AnnouncementsHere is my original inspiration piece.  Minted calls this the Long Road.  I should tell them they need to change it to the Short Road, or even Blink of an Eye… it goes by way to fast.
  Do you think they would listen to me?

If you don’t like one of their templates (I would be shocked if you couldn’t find one you liked), they do give you an option of uploading your own.  I found the templates very easy to use.  You upload your photos into a ‘carousel’, giving you the option to try them in and out in various ways.  Once you have the photos laid out, you will have the option to add in the specifics of your celebration……picking the font, size and even the color.  Once it is completed and you hit ‘submit’, your design will be reviewed by one of their staff and within 24 hours I had a proof emailed to me for my approval.  I actually had a problem with the back of it, the photo was all distorted and I was nervous about agreeing to it.  I responded to them, told them my worries and that afternoon I had a new copy emailed to me.  As it turned out, it was a compatibility issue with my computer.  Once I printed it out it was perfect.  Here is the back of the announcement……
Graduation Announcements
I love that they give you the option to use 100% of the real estate.  My only regret…..I wish B had decided to have a graduation party BEFORE I had these printed up.  He was adamant that he did not want a party.  Couldn’t twist his arm for the life of me.  Still don’t know what changed his mind, but I will say ‘so sad’ for me that I couldn’t kill two birds with one stone and list out all the party details on the back.  What is it my Mom says…..’everything comes back around, one day you will have a kid just like you’.  LOL, my sister used to hear this all the time growing up.  Me….I am only now hearing it from her. =)
Graduation AnnouncementIn the end, I allowed B to choose which one he wanted.  Seriously, it is his moment….should be his decision…..right?

I am so glad I found Minted!   From start to finish, it was such an easy experience, and these days I need all the ‘easy’ I can get.  The card stock is heavy and durable, something you will be proud to send out to your friends and family.  Minted even takes it a step further and will imprint your address’ onto the envelopes…..for FREE!   What a nice way to add that professional touch.  Just another reason why I will be using Minted again in the future!

Is anyone else feeling the pains of a child fleeing the coup soon?

Until next time…….



*This post was sponsored by Minted, but all comments and opinions belong to me…..

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  1. I should say “like mother, like son”. You were also adamant that you did not want a party from high school; however, you truly wanted one from your graduation from Purdue!

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