Thank the Lord I woke up this morning!

It is an absolutely gorgeous day today!

I was able to roll over, open my eyes, look at the clock, and “oh shit crap”……we are going to be late for school/work!!    How does this happen?    Did I shut the alarm without realizing it?   Do I tend to snuggle too much with PT?  Am I staying up too late?   We are blessed with the time change, which always gives me renewed hope and alot more energy….resulting in late, late nights. 

It doesn’t matter what the answer is  (BTW….it’s all of the above), I am just THANKING THE LORD I WOKE UP. 

I choose to thank God each and every day he allows me to wake up. 

It gives me another shot at being the best Mom I can be….it says I totally didn’t blow it last night yelling at K after his ‘student led’ parent conference. 

What I wanted to do is yell at the teacher sitting in the room, who overheard me talking softly (yes, softly…she must have fantastic hearing….hmmm…I wonder if I could borrow her when the boys have their girlfriends in the basement, and I am dying to hear what they are talking about!?).  She came up to us afterwards, and had the audacity to say that the entire 8th grade had a problem with writing, spelling and punctuation.  How in the hell heck can my kid have an A in Language Arts when he doesn’t take the time to capitalize and end a sentence with a period?  The school doesn’t see this as a PROBLEM!   What?   These kids are about ready to enter high school for crying out loud!  My son, poor K, heard me loud and clear….if he doesn’t get his act together and slow down and concentrate on his writing….he stands the strong chance of summer school and repeating (omg, the fear in his eyes when I said that one) 8th grade.

It gives me another chance at being a better wife.  I have the best husband anyone could ask for!  He puts up with my wild ideas, my OCD and my self proclaimed ADHD, AND even claims to love me more today than he did when we married.  I will give him one thing, there definitely is MORE of me to love. LOL!

It also gives me a chance to tackle all of the projects I have swirling through my brain.  As I said in an earlier post, Imagine, a friend gave me a book on jewelry.  For anyone who is thinking about doodling in jewelry making, I would run out and buy “Getting Started: Making Wire Jewelry and More” by Linda Chandler and Christine Ritchey.  Love, love, love this book.  Better yet, save some money and see if your local library has a copy they can loan you.  The money you save will allow you to buy more wire and beads!!  Win, win!

Tada…..  this survivor bracelet was my first attempt at making jewelry.  It took many attempts.. changing the flow of the beads….deciding to make it a double strand…. the wire was too long for my wrist… needing a magnifying glass to ‘close’ the wire at the clasp.  The list goes on and on.

  What I will say is that I am very proud of this bracelet.  I was hell-bent on conquiring chemo and cancer, so that I could where this bracelet with pride.  I have since made similar bracelets…single strand…to honor some of my favorite woman.  The link in all of them being the pink ribbon at the toggle clasp.   Love lots of dangles, have to put some in every bracelet that I finish.

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